2013 Nancy Jackson

Nancy Jackson received ATA’s Award for Excellence for her tapestry “Lakota Creation Myth II” exhibited in Tapestries Alight on the Central Coast, hosted by the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art from November 23, through December 29, 2013.

"Lakota Creation Myth II" 473.75 x 21.125 inches wool weft, cotton warp

“Lakota Creation Myth II”
473.75 x 21.125 inches
wool weft, cotton warp

Nancy says this about her tapestry:

“The Lakota Creation Myth II tapestry makes visible a Lakota creation story. Time is collapsed. Abstraction and realism are used to guide the viewers’ interpretations. The unnamed turtle is flat, emphasizing its symbolic purpose and Kangi the Crow is more realistic, encouraging viewers to relate to this not-so-desirable bird and his request for a new world. The Creator honors Kangi’s request out of compassion for all Creation, beautiful/honorable and unbeautiful/dishonorable. The Creator uses the unlikely turtle and pre-existing material, past history, to make a new world for Kangi.  Clouds hint at a storm and the Chaos of destroyed Creation swirls at bottom (history; the past) awaiting its resurrection in the re-creation.”

Nancy Jackson served a three-year invitational apprenticeship with Aubusson Master Weaver Jean-Pierre Larochette and Tapestry Designer & Painter Yael Lurie from 1986‑1990. Since then, Nancy has maintained a professional studio, producing speculative tapestries and commissions. She teaches extensively and entertains students from throughout the U.S. and Canada. Nancy exhibits nationally and internationally and is widely recognized as a master weaver, artist, and teacher. She has work in public and private collections throughout the United States.