2014 Deborah Corsini

Deborah Corsini received ATA’s Award for Excellence for her tapestry “Rip-Tide” exhibited in Water Water, an exhibit sponsored by Tapestry Weavers West at the East Bay Municipal Utility District in Oakland, California from July 17, through August 29, 2014.

Corsini Rip Tide

Deborah Corsini, “Rip Tide,” 2008, 43″h x 23″w, photo: Bruno Corsini. Wool weft, cotton warp, wedge weave.


Deborah says this about her tapestry:

“I have always been drawn to the Navajo weaving aesthetic and became fascinated by the unusual (experimental) wedge weave technique that was used by some Navajo weavers (among other cultures). For the past decade I have been exploring this technique—where the weft yarns are woven at an angle to the warp—and its variations.  I like the rhythm of the weaving across the warp and the buildup of the linear growth of the design bands. I like the scalloped edges that are created, the result of weaving at an angle, which draws attention to the method and adds dynamic movement and energy to the work. The process of wedge weave and the design of my work are intuitive and intertwined.

I live by the ocean with its ever changing colors and moods. The ocean is a source of life and inspiration. Yet underneath the sometimes calm surface lies another infinite world with layers of currents, movements, and change. Rip Tide is an abstracted view of the power of this strong force, capturing the energy of this dangerous tide.”

Deborah Corsini has pursued a lifelong passion for weaving. Tapestry is her primary art, but her multi-faceted artistic career has spanned a variety of pursuits including teaching weaving and designing fabrics. Recently retired from an eight year tenure as the curator of the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles she is an advocate for contemporary textile art. Known for her wedge weave tapestries her work is in corporate and private collections and exhibited internationally.