2014 Don Burns

Don Burns received ATA’s Award for Excellence for his tapestry “Fauvist Woods” exhibited in TWiNE 2014, at the Feinstein Gallery at the University of Rhode Island from July 8, through August 8, 2014.

Fauvist Woods

Don Burns, “Fauvist Woods,” 2004, 31″h x 28″w x 1″d, photo: Don Burns. Wool weft, cotton warp.

Don says this about his tapestry: “Fauvist Woods is an adaption / abstraction of a BFA portfolio pastel. My tapestries evolve from the simplification of a drawing into flattened shapes. I am driven by color and what this means to tapestry. How one color plays off another in wool – the excitement, the tension, the movement – this is the stimulus behind my work.”

Don Burns is an Interior Designer, Tapestry Artist and Instructor living in Vinalhaven, Maine. His work was featured in Tapestry Handbook, The Next Generation by Carol K Russell. He is a member of the “Wednesday Group.”  Don exhibits nationally and internationally. He has work in public collections in France and Washington DC.