2017 Denise Stevens

Denise Stevens received ATA’s Award for Excellence for her work, “River Reflections,” which was exhibited in the 70th Anniversary Exhibition of the Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild of New South Wales, Australia.

“River Reflections” 11.3 x 6.3,” 2017, warp: cotton seine twine sett at 9 epi, weft: fine wools and mercerised cottons, photo: Denise Stevens.

She says:

“Woven tapestry has been my major interest for 30 years. I first encountered it during a formal Certificate course in Textile Crafts. Following my retirement from a long scientific research career, I studied further through a Diploma of Art (Tapestry) course and several workshops & conferences in Australia, UK and USA. The challenges and freedoms of the medium are what engage me and I take every opportunity to promote the art form through exhibiting and teaching others. My work is held in ten private collections.

“River Reflections” continues my fascination with distortions created by reflections and refractions of light on water, especially as a result of wind, tides or the passage of boats in otherwise calm waterways. In the tapestries I have so far woven on this theme I have tried to dissociate myself from the real scene and to focus on the shapes and lines that are created.”