2020 Patricia Price

Artist Statement

Many of the twelve bridges that cross the Willamette River are artificially lit up at night for different occasions. As I was searching for ideas as to what bridge I would choose for the “Bridges not Walls” challenge, I thought of the lights that would naturally reflect down onto the water from the streetlamps and car lights. I became fascinated with the way the colors would ebb and flow against the dark waters and the blue sky above. I enjoyed recreating these reflections in my weaving of the Steel Bridge at Night.

Pat Price began tapestry by learning to weave on a box at the Damascus Fiber Arts School. Twenty years later she has learned Navajo style weaving, Tapestry, Ravenstail Twining and Floor Loom Weaving. Pat still enjoys learning and perfecting new techniques.

Patricia Price
“Steel Bridge at Night”
16 in x 16 in
Photo Credit: Sandy Kennard