Emerge Award

ATA’s Emerge Award is a membership award program that recognizes university students who have an interest in tapestry. A number of university textile programs are asked to select one student who has shown potential in using tapestry techniques in their projects for the award. This student will receive a one year membership in ATA, which includes the online journal – Tapestry Topics.  Each student will also be recognized in the journal and an image of one of their tapestries will be included. Awards will be given in the spring (Northern Hemisphere) and fall (Southern Hemisphere).

Spring 2021 Awardee

Emma Wright – Royal College of Art School of Textiles & Design, London, UK

Emma Wright

Emma Wright Home Grown: Locally sourced, biodegradable technology, 2021 14 cm x 50 cm

“For my MA final major project, I’m exploring compostable technology as an alternative to the current e -waste problem, using only locally sourced materials that can either be upcycled or biodegrade safely back into the Earth once they have run their course. Tapestry techniques have allowed me to combine my conductive biomaterials, using wool, to create tactile alternatives for technology. Questioning, can textile applications create stronger bonds of care for our products? Forming an intimate relationship with our environment and the materials we surround ourselves with every day?”

Spring 2019 Awardees

Sara Rupp – School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Sarah Rupp
“Hoosier Hat,”
21″ x 20″, 2018
Cotton, embroidery floss, and wool roving. Photo: Sarah Rupp

“This tapestry is based off of a photo I took a couple years ago. I used weaving and tapestry as a way to explore the shadow and form of the face, while also abstracting the sky and corn fields of a clear sunny Indiana day. Experimenting with the weight of the figure and the rest of the image left me with a greater sense of composition and knowledge about what truly interested me about the photo: the unreadable expression on the person’s face.”







Laney Engle – Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

“Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees, Bernice, OK,”
1′ 6″ x 2′, 2018
Linen warp and acrylic/wool weft. Photo: Laney Engle

“The memories from the time I spent with my Grandparents are trophies. Weekends spent fishing with Baba and Gran-Gran taught me to be patient, good things come to those who wait; the “whopper” can only be caught when you work hard enough and fight. Weaving and fishing are the same in my eyes, you cast out thread by thread, and with enough patience and dedication, you reel in a fish and cut off your loom. These memories are woven in the weft of these mounted fish, the way I am woven by the lessons I was taught at Grand Lake.”





Jackie Buchheit – University of Missouri, USA

Dealing with the Senses
20″ x 20″
Cotton, wool, and synthetic yarns

Madeleine Sinnott – Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Canada

“Strawberry Milk”
16” x 86.5”, 2019
cotton seine cord, naturally dyed wool, chenille, silk, found yarns, cotton.
Photo credit: Stephen Brookbank

Spring 2018 Awardees

Erika Hewston – Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Erika Hewston, “Pinterest,” 26″ x 17,” 2017 Photo: Erika Hewston, cotton warp and various cottons, wools, and acrylics yarns.

Stuart Shephard – Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Stuart Shepard, “Woven Weaving Triptych,” 5’ x 5,’ each (variable & interactive strips), 2016, cotton warp and acrylic weft, photo credit: Stuart Shepard.