Painter/ Brown Scholarship
Margaret Jones, "Number One"

Margaret Jones, “Number One”

The Painter-Brown Scholarship fund was established in honor of Hal Painter and Jim Brown – founders of the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA) – and their commitment to the development of hand-woven tapestry as a vital means of artistic expression.

This scholarship was a lifeline to me as it helped pay for the very last term of my MFA at West Dean College where I specialized in tapestry weaving. Without this scholarship I could not have  finished my MFA and would not be the tapestry weaver I am today; I would not have exhibited internationally; or been able to tutor and mentor other tapestry weavers. Margaret Jones.

Scholarships are awarded to current ATA Members who wish to pursue study opportunities relating to the art of tapestry: these may be hands-on studio courses or scholarly research focused on woven tapestry. Scholarship funds cover tuition costs or course fees to a maximum of $500 USD and are paid directly to the instructor or institution via PayPal. Both online and face-to-face study opportunities are eligible. A 3-member selection committee reviews applications twice a year in the spring and fall. The application deadlines are March 31 and September 30.

ATA awarded me a scholarship for the “Desert Horizons” workshop with Joan Baxter. This workshop was financially out-of-reach for me and one that I knew would make a difference in my future work. The timing was perfect for this opportunity to study with Joan in the landscape of Ghost Ranch of northern New Mexico.  It allowed me to be in retreat to focus on tapestry, to develop beginning ideas for my future work, and to sample and explore new techniques. I came away with new questions to ask myself as I design, gave me the courage to dive into designing, and opened me up to possibilities surrounding my future work. Elizabeth J. Buckley

The Painter-Brown Scholarships are merit-based awards. ATA members at all levels of experience are eligible to apply: from novice weavers wishing to develop their technical skills to experienced weavers who are looking for new directions in their practice, or for those members pursuing research opportunities.

This scholarship allowed me to study with Nancy Dugger. I am a textile artist, but this was my first experience with weaving. Nancy piqued my interest in tapestry, and I have continued to study the art form; I have gone from weaving on a frame to a floor loom. Since my first   introduction to tapestry I’ve continued to develop my weaving skills. Now I can’t imagine my artwork and myself without weaving. Nattalia Vilchenko.

Application information and online application form.

For more information contact: ATA Awards Director.

Who may apply: The applicant must be a current member of American Tapestry Alliance at any membership level.

Carolyn Furnish, "St. Lucia de Picasso," 2012, 22" x 31"

Carolyn Furnish, “St. Lucia de Picasso,” 2012, 22″ x 31″


  • The applicant may not have received a scholarship from ATA during the past five years.
  • The scholarship is intended to support valid study/learning opportunities related to the art and craft of hand woven tapestry.
  • Funds will be paid directly to the institution or teacher.

Requirements for scholarship recipient

  • Scholarship recipients must submit a written report to the Director of Awards, accompanied by images, about the study/learning opportunity within three months of the funded study opportunity.
  • Scholarship recipients will submit an article to Tapestry Topics, ATA’s newsletter, related to the study within three months of the completion of the funded study opportunity.

Application Materials:

  • Digital images of at least two completed tapestries and, if possible, a work in progress. Submit a detail for each tapestry.
  • Name of the course of study, website and/or a scan of the class description; contact information for school or instructor.
  • Information about the content of the program & an explanation of the benefits to the applicant. All of this shall be no more than 150 words.
  • Total cost of the program and the amount requested. Please itemize the expenses, e.g. tuition, materials, transportation, housing, and also include the amount that you can fund through sources other than the scholarship.

Application Deadline: March 31 and September 30.

Notification: Within 3 weeks of the application.

Submission Information: Submit your application online.