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Brennan’s Homage to Historical Tapestry

In Archie’s Words: “The difference between painting and tapestry… is the fact that weaving begins at one edge and grows. It’s very much a journey up the warp.” 

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Learning from a Sample

Having someone critique one’s design for a tapestry is useful….but  having Archie Brennan critique your design is  precious! 

Read about Patricia Bugas-Schramm’s experience here

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Q & A’s that Blew My Mind!

There are many things that I bring to the loom when weaving tapestry, but the single-most important piece of knowledge came from a Brennan/Maffei workshop. When starting a new shape in a tapestry, there are two critical questions one must

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Reflections on Archie by Ruth Manning

Archie Brennan opened one’s eyes to the possibilities.  Tapestry weaving is more than a process and production. Without an idea, how do you know what you will weave?

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Recollections by Alta Turner

True, he was a master, mentor, and friend, but those are but simply “bits” of his “Archie-ness.” A mutual friend flatly observed that Archie Brennan was one of the lucky few of this planet who could, following release from extended

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Tips I Learned from Archie

As a new tapestry weaver Ila McCallum learned from  and was inspired by Archie Brennan’s videos and tapestries.  Read about the tips she picked up including one that helped her keep the edges of her tapestry straight. 

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