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Archie Brennan’s World Wide Impact on Tapestry Art


The Dovecot under Archie Brennan’s direction developed into a center of innovation with an international reputation, and a radically different approach from most other ateliers. Read more from Maureen Hodges … 

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A Teacher That Changed My (Weaving) Life

Terry Olson’s weaving skills jumped by orders of magnitude after attending three workshops by Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei.  Read about the tapestry techniques she learned and now uses every day. 

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An Athletic Air

Archie Brennan’s tapestries often explore pattern, shading and perspective in the context of the human form. In his youth, Archie Brennan was a weight lifter, achieving the title of Mr. Scotland in 1953. His interest in athletes was filtered through …

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Susan Martin Maffei Remembers

“Archie injected us with his passion for tapestry and combined a focus on needed skills with a freedom to explore.” Read more from Susan Martin Maffei – here


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