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Workshops with Archie

 “Who can ever forget his lovely Scottish accent and the twinkle in his eyes?” Archie Brennan was a warm and generous teacher, a mighty artist and an inspired tapestry weaver who understood and questioned the medium. Read more here

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Postcards from Archie

The question of what the art object is and what it represents takes a new turn in the postcards and packages that Archie Brennan sent through the mail.  Be entertained by this gallery of Archie Brennan’s smaller tapestries

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My Uncle Archie (“who really knew a thing or two”)

“Leaving school at 16 and embarking on my seven-year apprenticeship at the Dovecot, my real education began. I liked how the team of weavers and Archie, my uncle, collaborated around the production of a tapestry.”  Read more of Gordon Brennan’s

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Memories from Australia

Sue Walker met Archie Brennan 45 years ago.  He saw in Australia, at its great distance from Europe, the opportunity for tapestry to break away from the traditions of European tapestry … read more from Sue – here

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Archie – The Champion of Small Format Tapestry

Brennan championed small format tapestries and he used the closer viewing associated with small works to celebrate the woven line and the materials of tapestry weaving. Read more about his love for small format tapestry.

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