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Brennan’s Homage to Historical Tapestry

In Archie’s Words: “The difference between painting and tapestry… is the fact that weaving begins at one edge and grows. It’s very much a journey up the warp.” 

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Learning from a Sample

Having someone critique one’s design for a tapestry is useful….but  having Archie Brennan critique your design is  precious! 

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Q & A’s that Blew My Mind!

There are many things that I bring to the loom when weaving tapestry, but the single-most important piece of knowledge came from a Brennan/Maffei workshop. When starting a new shape in a tapestry, there are two critical questions one must

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Reflections on Archie by Ruth Manning

Archie Brennan opened one’s eyes to the possibilities.  Tapestry weaving is more than a process and production. Without an idea, how do you know what you will weave?

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Recollections by Alta Turner

True, he was a master, mentor, and friend, but those are but simply “bits” of his “Archie-ness.” A mutual friend flatly observed that Archie Brennan was one of the lucky few of this planet who could, following release from extended

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