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by Barbara Burns on April 14, 2017

Barbara Burns

For some of us, pricing our work may be a harder task than actually creating it. It’s a topic of conversation where we tread lightly. Many don’t wish to say in dollars, euros, what have you, how we determine our prices. I’m hoping to lift the veil, so to speak, on this subject. I have sent out a survey to over 70 weavers, internationally. The results are still coming in. I think you will find the information useful and interesting. Check back for the results.

If you are a tapestry weaver, actively selling your work, or have in the past and would like to participate in the survey, please write me via the comments section below.

As a thank you, to those who have participated in the survey, I have created a gallery of work for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any work, please contact the artist directly via their email  in the caption.

Photos taken by artists unless otherwise specified.



  1. Janet Clark says:

    Hello, I try and price at the National Minimum Wage per hour of work. I simply don’t sell my work. I tend to halve the actual price and have successfully sold my work.

    A very disappointing result!!!!

  2. Barbara Burns says:

    That is disappointing Janet. Where are you selling your work? Perhaps you need to find a different venue where people are willing to pay what your work is worth.

    Something else to consider: I just did an interview with Priscilla Alden here in Maine, which I’ll be posting in the future here on the blog. Priscilla belonged to a cooperative gallery. She told me that she sold best when she was in the gallery and could speak to the people. I think when we are able to do this we build value as well as create rapport. Something to consider.

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