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2019 International Student Award

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Every year, the American Tapestry Alliance offers an award to a tapestry weaver enrolled in a college fiber program. The award consists of $750 plus an article about their weaving in Tapestry Topics, the newsletter of ATA that goes out quarterly to about 1000 weavers worldwide. Everyone who applies gets a one-year student membership in The American Tapestry Alliance.

More Info and Online Application Form
Application Deadline April 15th

“The Objet-Shin Ramyum” by Danbee Son, a student from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, winner of the 2015 International Student Award

5 Reasons to Apply for the International Student Award
By Nicki Bair

So, you’re a college student in a fiber program and you have woven a few tapestries…should you apply?  Here are my top 5 reasons why you should:

1. Prize Money: A $750 award allows for a good tapestry loom and/or a significant stash enhancement. Have your eyes on some tussah silk or a full palette of Harrisville singles or some hand carved bobbins? They are now within reach.

2. Recognition: A panel of three tapestry artists will evaluate all applicants’ work for excellence in tapestry technique, the awareness of the textile language and creativity in imagery. As the winner of the award, you are receiving recognition by the premier organization in the world focusing solely on tapestry. That should provide you with that warm fuzzy feeling of achievement as well as an admirable notch on your resume.

3. Achievement: Not only is there positive recognition and prestige for your artistic and creative abilities that positive glow also passes to your college’s fiber program. Your college too can bask in the glow of your creative achievements that will help their recruiting and marketing efforts.

4. Community: Your artwork will be shared around the world through the American Tapestry Alliance’s online and print media. You should take this opportunity to network with everyone who responds to your work. These networking opportunities can often open up to something even more in the future.

5. Confidence & Inspiration: Most of all this award is a vote of confidence in your selection of tapestry as a medium of expression and your ability to convey your message creatively and effectively. It will provide inspiration for your next challenge and many more in the future.

Apply this year by April 15th and join the worldwide community of tapestry weavers. 

“Happiness” by Priyanka Yadav, a student from Kashi Hindu University Varanasi, India, winner of the 2018 International Student Award.