Blog Topic: Michael Rohde On Marketing (audio)

An Interview With Michael Rohde

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Barbara Burns

I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Rohde. He is on the Board of Directors of the American Tapestry Alliance and has been weaving since the 1970’s.  In this interview Michael speaks about his experience with marketing beginning in the ’70’s up to today. He shares how things have changed since he began promoting his work including what has worked for him and what has not. Michael talks about his experience with galleries, shares some tips he received from people like Jane Sauer and a marketing expert he hired to help him.

This is an audio interview. While you’re listening  you can scroll below and look at some of Michael’s weavings.


From My House to Your Homeland (2003), hand-dyed wool and silk tapestry, 54″ x 98″


Danse (2002), block weave rug with inlay: hand-dyed wool on linen warp, 82″ x 54″

Contemplation (2013), tapestry: wool, natural dyes, 41″ x 32”

Reparations (2004), tapestry: wool, silk, linen, natural dyes, 58″ x 48”

Medicine Buddha, tapestry: wool, silk; natural dyes, 38″ x 31½”


Nobility (2003), block weave rug with inlay: hand-dyed wool and silk on linen warp, 47½” x 36½”

Reality (2016), tapestry: wool, alpaca, silk, llama, natural dyes, 43½” x 32½”

Huli (2012), tapestry: wool, natural dyes, 45″ x 32″

Dream (2014), tapestry: un-dyed alpaca, 43½” x 31½”


Bosporus (2000), block weave rug with inlay: hand-dyed wool on linen warp, 62” x 37½”