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2019 International Student Award

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Every year, the American Tapestry Alliance offers an award to a tapestry weaver enrolled in a college fiber program. The award consists of $750 plus an article about their weaving in Tapestry Topics, the newsletter of ATA that goes out quarterly to about 1000 weavers worldwide. Everyone who applies gets a one-year student membership in The American Tapestry Alliance.

More Info and Online Application Form
Application Deadline April 15th

“The Objet-Shin Ramyum” by Danbee Son, a student from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, winner of the 2015 International Student Award

5 Reasons to Apply for the International Student Award
By Nicki Bair

So, you’re a college student in a fiber program and you have woven a few tapestries…should you apply?  Here are my top 5 reasons why you should:

1. Prize Money: A $750 award allows for a good tapestry loom and/or a significant stash enhancement. Have your eyes on some tussah silk or a full palette of Harrisville singles or some hand carved bobbins? They are now within reach.

2. Recognition: A panel of three tapestry artists will evaluate all applicants’ work for excellence in tapestry technique, the awareness of the textile language and creativity in imagery. As the winner of the award, you are receiving recognition by the premier organization in the world focusing solely on tapestry. That should provide you with that warm fuzzy feeling of achievement as well as an admirable notch on your resume.

3. Achievement: Not only is there positive recognition and prestige for your artistic and creative abilities that positive glow also passes to your college’s fiber program. Your college too can bask in the glow of your creative achievements that will help their recruiting and marketing efforts.

4. Community: Your artwork will be shared around the world through the American Tapestry Alliance’s online and print media. You should take this opportunity to network with everyone who responds to your work. These networking opportunities can often open up to something even more in the future.

5. Confidence & Inspiration: Most of all this award is a vote of confidence in your selection of tapestry as a medium of expression and your ability to convey your message creatively and effectively. It will provide inspiration for your next challenge and many more in the future.

Apply this year by April 15th and join the worldwide community of tapestry weavers. 

“Happiness” by Priyanka Yadav, a student from Kashi Hindu University Varanasi, India, winner of the 2018 International Student Award.

Craft Industry Alliance

Saturday, September 15th, 2018



Barbara Burns

Craft Industry Alliance (CIA) is a community of craft industry makers, suppliers, designers, content creators, educators, and service providers serious about small business. CIA offers content that many ATA members might find helpful. There are webinars on things like using mail chimp, crowd funding, making videos, legal info and more. Under Resources you’ll find information on branding, book keeping software, packaging suppliers, business plan templates . Their Blog has posts about choosing the right social media schedule, podcasts for creative entrepreneurs and free stock photo sites.


About two-thirds of the content is for members only like the articles in their Journal on subjects ranging from member profiles to social media image sizes and understanding print-on-demand products. The Forums offer a place to get many of your business questions answered by people who have experience. CIA has Groups for Etsy sellers, Shopify users and a bookkeeping club.






CIA and ATA  have a reciprocal membership discount. ATA members get a 10% discount. Please email Mary Lane for the discount code.

The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World! Intent to enter deadline, February 15, 2018

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

The blog tour has begun!

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

images from top left: Debbie Herd, Molly Elkind, Tommye Scanlin, Barbara Burns, Ellen Bruxvoort




The blog tour has begun! Follow along to learn some new skills and win some awesome prizes. The 2018 blog tour leads up to the deadline to enter to exhibit in The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World. Learn more about the exhibit deadlines below.

January 22nd: Molly Elkind: Collage as research

January 23rd: Ellen Bruxvoort – Vlog on Instagram about her design process

January 24th: Tommye Scanlin: Literature as inspiration

January 25th: Debbie Herd: Digital design tools

January 26th: Barbara Burns: Documenting your design for promotion



Follow all the stops on the blog tour to increase your chance to win one of the following prizes: $50 towards a Mirrix Loom, a Hokett loom kit, one of 4 Hokett Tiny Turned Beaters, one of 5 project bags from Halcyon Yarn containing rosewood bobbins and a voucher for their online shop, one of five vouchers for Weaversbazaar’s online shop, one of five free entries into ATA’s 12th international, unjuried, small format exhibition and one of five free one-year memberships to ATA.

Here’s how to enter to win. Visit and comment on one or more blog posts in the tour then go here to let us know which ones you commented on. The more blog posts you comment on the more chances you have to win! Plus, Ellen Bruxvoort is doing an Instagram video for the tour and if you respond with a photo or video on social media describing how you design tapestry you get five extra entries in the giveaway. Let the sharing begin!

To win another 5 entries into the giveaway enter to exhibit in The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World, ATA’s 12th international, unjuried small format exhibition, and then let us know that you entered by going here by Sunday January 28th. For this exhibition, all entries get accepted to exhibit as long as your tapestry fits within the size requirements!

The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World, ATA’s 12th international, unjuried small format exhibition is open to all weavers. We invite entries which fit more traditional definitions of tapestry, and also entries that expand upon the core principles of the medium as they explore new techniques and processes. Multimedia work is welcome. The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World! will hang July 2018 at the Northwest Reno Public Library, 2325 Robb Drive. The entry form (intent to participate) is due February 15, 2018. The tapestry and an image of the tapestry are not due until March 31, 2018. The entry fee ($40-$60 USD) includes return shipping and a catalogue featuring your tapestry! Find more details here


The blog tour is coming!

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

The blog tour is right around the corner so we thought you should meet our bloggers and get informed about how to participate. Did you know that we are giving away 26 prizes?! Watch our promo video to learn about them as well as see artwork by all our bloggers.

A great big thank you to our donors Mirrix LoomsHalcyon Yarns, weaversbazaar and Jim Hokett.

The blog tour will unfold as follows:

January 22nd:  Molly Elkind: Collage as research
January 23rd:  Ellen Bruxvoort – Vlog on Instagram about her design process
anuary 24th:  Tommye Scanlin: Literature as inspiration
January 25th:  Debbie Herd: Digital design tools
January 26th:  Barbara Burns: Documenting your design for promotion

You will have multiple chances to enter to win prizes, one for each post that you comment on. Also, Ellen will be inviting you to respond to her Instagram video with a social media post of your own describing how you design your tapestries. If you respond on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with a video or photo of your own you will get FIVE extra entries into the giveaway! And, if that was not enough, if you enter the 2018 unjuried small format show, The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World! by the end of the Blog Tour, you will receive five additional entries to the prize giveaway. Join in the fun by commenting on the Blog Tour posts and entering The Biggest little Tapestries in the World and you might win a prize!

The giveaway will be open until Sunday January 28th. To officially be entered to win you must let us know which blogs you commented on and if you created a social media post, by checking some boxes on this form (each blogger will provide that link for you, too).

Sign up to follow the Blog Tour.

Meet our bloggers:


Molly is looking forward to a solo show of her Mary series and Illuminated Manuscript series of tapestries in February-March 2018 in Atlanta. She will be teaching a 3-hour class called “Plan Your Tapestry Diary” and a 2-day workshop, “Collage to Tapestry Cartoon,” at HGA’s Convergence conference in Reno, Nevada in July. She expects to spend the rest of her life figuring out the mysteries of tapestry weaving.


My name is Ellen and I’m the maker  behind FIBROUS, a series of handwoven art pieces, home goods and accessories. This entire business was built on a hobby that I discovered in 2014 and is now my  full time job, which is both insane and exciting.  FIBROUS is born and based in Austin, TX but who knows where the future might lead. Being self-taught means it’s my job to challenge myself  everyday  and I feel grateful to this community for continually supporting that kind of growth.


Debbie Herd lives in the Grampians Region, Victoria, Australia. Graduating from the Diploma of Art ‘Tapestry’ South West Institute of Tafe Warrnambool in 2009. A member of the Ararat Regional Art Gallery Advisory Board and is a regular volunteer at the gallery.


I am an artist who observes and responds to the natural world for inspiration. As I seek images and ideas to interpret into tapestry I experience my surroundings a closely as I can. Photographs, sketches, paintings, readings and writings all are part of the research I put into my work.

Tommye Scanlin has been a member of ATA since 1988 and was one of the founding members of Tapestry Weavers South. She’s Professor Emerita, the University of North Georgia where she taught in the art department for over two decades. She now teaches workshops around the U.S. three or four times each year, and spends the rest of her days designing and weaving tapestries.


Barbara Burns began weaving in 1992 after studying interior design and textile and costume conservation at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. In 2003 she took her first tapestry workshops. Burns has studied with several excellent tapestry teachers including Archie Brennan and Susan Martin-Maffei in New York and Pat Taylor at West Dean College in England.

Burns’ newest figurative tapestries exploring sexuality and exposure are influenced by her experience as a burlesque and belly dancer. Often working larger than life, Burns’ images of dancers are accosting. Her previous study of faces represents both historical and contemporary subjects. Burns’ work has exhibited internationally in solo and group shows, winning awards from as far as Serbia and the UK. She teaches and lectures about tapestry and has published writings on the subject.

Burns is currently working on a series of three dimensional tapestries of wearable corsets. The first of which is influenced by the Apocalypse tapestry in Angers France. Burns says: “There is a deep well of connotations to be drawn from the corset and I want my viewer to draw from that well.”

2018 Blog Tour

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

One of this year’s prizes, a Jim Hokett loom as captured by our blog tour vlogger
Ellen Bruxvoot of Fiberous .

January 22–26, 2018

The American Tapestry Alliance is pleased to announce the 2018 Blog Tour! In anticipation of our 12th International, small format unjuried exhibition, The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World! we invite you to join the trek through the world-wide-web of weaving, delving into dynamic posts by weaver-bloggers from January 22–26, 2018. The blog tour will feature several prominent weaver-bloggers including Ellen Bruxvoot, Barbara Burns, Molly Elkind, Debbie Herd and Tommye Scanlin.

Prizes! By attending the tour, you’ll have the chance to win a weaving gift pack (including bobbins) from Halycon yarn, a tiny turned beater or a loom kit from Jim Hokett, a voucher from weaversbazaar, ATA memberships, and more! Ellen Bruxvoot of Fiberous will provide ATA’s first ever vlog component, where you will have the chance to get extra entries to win prizes by sharing your own design processes on social media in response.

Our mission for this year’s blog tour is to create a platform for sharing tapestry practices by engaging weavers (and weavers-to-be) in their peers’ artwork processes. While Barbara, Debbie, Molly, Tommye and Ellen share about how their designs develop, and you respond on social media, we wish to highlight the many approaches to designing tapestry with the hopes of opening up a conversation around the mantra, ‘there is no wrong way to design.’ The tour begins on January 22nd on Molly Elkind’s blog. We look forward to your participation then!

Stay tuned for more on this exciting adventure by following ATA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sign up to receive notifications for ATA’s 2018 Blog Tour!

For more about this year’s International, small format unjuried exhibition, The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World! click here.