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ATA Award for Excellence

Monday, July 17th, 2017
A warm congratulations to Leslie Taylor who received the ATA’s Award for Excellence for “My Journey”.
To read more about Leslie and her work, go here

Leslie Taylor, “My Journey”, 16 x 12″

Weaving the Future

Monday, July 17th, 2017
Janet Clark was ATA’s first Weaving the Future grant recipient. Janet taught Sally Reckert to weave, and in turn Sally uses those skills to teach tapestry weaving to children at craft fairs as well as other locations.

ATA’s Weaving the Future grants offer opportunities for weavers to teach anyone tapestry skills who wishes to teach tapestry work to children.

To read more about grants or to apply, go here.

New and Updated Artist Pages

Monday, July 17th, 2017

Updated Artist Page:
Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther

Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther, “The Fairytale of Prague” (2015), 35″ x 23.5″

New Artist Page:
Shirley Anne

Shirley Anne, “Maasai Maiden” (2005), 6″ x 17″

If you’re interested in updating your own artist page, go here

World Tapestry Now – Call for Entry

Monday, July 17th, 2017
World Tapestry Now is an exhibition unlike any other – no shipping costs to think about, no customs, even commissioned or already sold work is welcome; not to mention a color catalog of the exhibition, as well as prize money. Imagine juror and tapestry icon, Wlodek Cygan, will be selecting works for printed publication in addition to online distribution.

Support the exhibition that is World Tapestry Now and submit work that will serve in our mission to promote and celebrate contemporary tapestry!

For extra information or entry submission, please go here.

ATA’s 2018 Members’ Retreat

Monday, July 17th, 2017
July 10-13, 2018
Talented weavers Maximo Laura ( and Rowen Schussheim-Anderson ( will be offering a four-day retreat from July 10th-13th in the Silver State during HGA’s 2018 Convergence in Reno. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn, work, and converse with fellow weavers while being able to see what the HGA and coinciding Complex Weaver’s Seminar has in store!

Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, “Butterfly”

Máximo Laura
“The Founder”

Belinda Ramson in the TEx@ATA online gallery

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

View the show.

“In 1967 Ramson studied as a special student for a year in the Tapestry Department, Edinburgh College of Art… In 1973, Ramson returned to Edinburgh to work as a weaver at the Dovecot Tapestry Studio, learning the precise methods which she described as “solidly based in a traditional discipline.” – Meredith Hinchliffe, Curator. “Through her work as artist, teacher and consultant to the ATW, Belinda Ramson played a crucial role in shaping the vibrant and distinctive woven tapestry movement that emerged so surprisingly and with such authority in Australia in the 1970s.” -Kay Lawrence, Head of the South Australian School of Art.

View the show.