The ATA produces several ongoing exhibitions in service to the organization’s mission. Each exhibit has a unique focus to allow for a broad range of tapestry artist participation. It is not uncommon to see engaging tapestries from first-time exhibitors displayed beside those of professionals.

A great deal of effort goes into producing each show and the accompanying catalog. Nearly all of that work is done by volunteer members; we could not produce our exhibits without them.  We are grateful to every person (past, present and future) who lends their time and dedication to the exhibits team.

Gallery­­­­ Exhibits

We host two international, juried exhibits on alternating years. These shows highlight the best of international contemporary hand woven tapestry and provide opportunities in the field of tapestry in the following ways:

  • Each is juried to high standards of artistic and technical excellence
  • They tour venues throughout North America
  • A high-quality catalog with critical essay accompanies each exhibit
  • Promotional methods designed to attract media exposure

ATA shows have historically attracted excellent attendance for their host museums, galleries and art centers. For information about hosting an ATA exhibition contact Exhibitions@americantapestryalliance.org

American Tapestry Biennial (ATB)

The first American Tapestry Biennial was held in 2006. This juried exhibit highlights the best of international contemporary hand-woven tapestry. The work of hundreds of professional and amateur tapestry artists have been showcased by this exhibit since its inception. 

Small Tapestry International (STI)

Established in 2009, this exhibit features smaller format contemporary tapestries. The same standards of quality and excellence as exemplified in ATB are present in our Small Tapestry International exhibits. However, unlike ATB, submitted works for this exhibit must adhere to a maximum size requirement as specified in the Call for Entry.

Unjuried Small Format Show (USF)

The Unjuried Small Format  show is held every two years in conjunction with Convergence, the international fiber art conference of the Handweavers Guild of America. This extremely popular exhibit attracts entries from tapestry artists around the world. Each show is documented by a high-quality catalog and is a favorite attraction at Convergence.

Online Exhibits


Through a generous donation from The Laffer Curatorial Program, we are able to offer TEx@ATA (Tapestry E-xhibit at American Tapestry Alliance.) Several exhibitions are curated each year for this online gallery. Shows vary in content; some are based on a theme, others present the work of a single artist. The curator for each show develops the concept and works closely with the artists who are featured.  

With this opportunity, we are able to provide a stipend to outstanding curators interested in designing an exhibition of the highest caliber. Such shows are characterized by a tight cohesive theme and highlight artists who not only exhibit technical and aesthetic excellence in the tapestry medium, but also work in a more conceptual manner, or stretch the definition of tapestry. An essay written by the curator interprets the work within a broad artistic context. For more information about Laffer curatorship, contact Valerie Kirk at newsletter@americantapestryalliance.org.

Postcard Exchange

The content for this annual show is generated by members who elect to participate. Registrants are randomly paired with another tapestry weaver with whom they exchange 5” x 7” (13 x 18cm) tapestry postcards via postal mail. This exhibit offers a fun opportunity for ATA members to get to know another tapestry weaver and participate in a community online exhibition via social media.