Interweaving Cultures

Interweaving Cultures: The Meeting, an international gathering of weavers, took place at Museo Textil de Oaxaca (MTO), Mexico, January 18-19, 2013. It was followed by an opportunity to work with weavers from Teotitlan del Valle. The objectives of Interweaving Cultures: The Meeting: exhibit tapestries; discuss issues regarding personal processes of creation and diffusion of tapestry work; and build relationships.


The exhibition included twelve weavers from Teotitlan del Valle who participated in the recent “Esplendor del Textil” exhibition, curated by Jean Pierre Larochette for the Museo de Arte Peter Gray and twelve ATA members.


Museo Textil de Oaxaca
Oaxaca, Mexico
January  18 – March 10, 2013
Visit the exhibition page.

Museo de Arte Peter Gray
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
November 22, 2013 – January 2014
Conference: Friday, November 22, 2013, 2:30 pm
Opening reception: Friday, November 22, 2013, 5:00 pm

Participating Artists:

Archie Brennan, Elaine Duncan, Pedro Mendoza Gutiérrez, Joyce Hayes, Jennie Henderson,  Jaime Hipólito/Joey Young, Mary Lane, Fidel Cruz Lazo, Yael Lurie/Jean Pierre Larochette, Susan Martin Maffei, Emiliano Cruz Mendoza, Luis Lazo Mendoza, María Luisa Vásquez de Mendoza, Pam Patrie,  Erasto Mendoza Ruiz, Francisco Martínez Ruiz, Jacobo Mendoza Ruiz, Marcelina Mendoza Ruiz, Román Gutiérrez Ruiz, Lizbeth Gutiérrez Sosa, Jackie Wollenberg, Mary Zicafoose


Interweaving Cultures: The Meeting took place January 18-19, 2013. Six Teotitlan del Valle weavers and six ATA members gave presentations that were translated so that they were available in both Spanish and English.


Open studios at Teotitlan del Valle, January 21- 25, 2013

Teotitlan del Valle, population 6000, is located in the foothills of the Sierra Juarez mountains, 20 miles south of Oaxaca City. Founded in 1465 it is one of the oldest Zapotec villages in the area and a major weaving center. The social structure and private life of the people of Teotitlan is permeated by the historical significance of the Zapotec culture, which has helped preserve and support their way of life for hundreds of years.

Weavers from Teotitlan del Valle participating in “Interweaving Cultures: The Meeting,”  received 12 ATA members for five days of sharing and hands-on weaving practice. This unique experience also included excursions to nearby archeological sites and craft markets.

Second Venue:

Interweaving Cultures: The Reunion

THE BORDER – A suggested theme for collaborations. By proposing a theme, we hope to further explore the cultural interactions we touched upon during the Oaxaca show and conference. This suggested theme is not only a reference to peoples living on each side of the US/Mexico border, it can also relate to any border/separation among nations and cultures.

This coming November the Peter Gray Museum of Art in Puerto Vallarta will showcase the tapestries exhibited at the Textile Museum of Oaxaca earlier this year, with a number of new pieces and new weavers. For the second venue, new people can participate. Here read more about terms and conditions of participation as well as possibility of lecture. The Peter Gray Museum show this November will also be a starting point for future collaborations.