Connections: Small Tapestry International 1

The American Tapestry Alliance is pleased to announce the first in a series of  juried small tapestry exhibitions: “Connections: Small Tapestry International.” This show invited tapestry artists to expand their horizons by shrinking dimensions, and to connect technique and concept in a body of new and intimate work.  As wall sized tapestries command a wall, these pieces, individually and collectively, will catch the eye, invite us in, and connect us as we share the unexpected.  Because the goal is not merely to rescale large work, but to explore the boundaries of size, the exhibition will challenge preconceived ideas of tapestry, unfolding the potential of  small scale work as it explores the personal and the universal.


San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
San Jose, California

Leeds Gallery, Earlham College
Richmond, Indiana: August 20 – September 20
Earlham College

Accepted Artists

Janet Austin, USA
Nicki Bair, USA
Cecilia Blomberg, USA
Barbara Burns, USA
Don Burns, USA
Laura Center, USA
Clare Coyle, Scotland
Sharon M. Crary, USA
Katy De Bock, Belgium
Elaine Duncan, Canada
Lany Eila, USA
Christina Frey, Germany
Tricia Goldberg, USA
Mihaela Mirela Grigore, Romania
Marianne Haller, USA
Louise Halsey, USA
Joyce Hayes, USA
Barbara Heller, Canada
Urban R Jupena, USA
Jean Pierre Larochette, USA
Ayelet Lindenstrauss Larsen, USA
Maximo Laura, Peru
J.Martins, L.Branquinho, C.Ceia, Portugal
Lynn Mayne, USA
John Nicholson, USA
Pam Patrie, USA
Christine Rivers, Canada
Pete Rocci, USA
Deann Rubin, USA
Terri Stewart, USA
Sarah Swett, USA
Kathe Todd-Hooker, USA
Pamela Topham, USA
Linda G Weghorst, USA



Jane Sauer of Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

FOFA_logoThis project is supported in part by a grant from Friends of Fiber Art International.