Small Tapestry International 3: Outside the Line


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Handforth Gallery, Tacoma Public Library
Tacoma, WA

Troy-Hayner Cultural Center
Troy, Ohio

Accepted Artists

ATA is pleased to announce that the following artists have had tapestries accepted into STI 3. From 112 entries, our juror, Hesse McGraw, Chief Curator, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, chose 38 tapestries.

Janet Austin, USA
Cecilia  Blomberg, USA
Ann Booth, USA
Dorothy Clews, Australia
Clare Coyle, Scotland
Sharon  Crary, USA
Susan  Fitzgerald, France
Carolyn Furnish, USA
Kirsten Glasbrook, UK
Helen   Gold, USA
Tricia Goldberg, USA
Donna  Graham, USA
Michelle Guest, Australia
Birgitta Hallberg, Denmark
Joyce  Hayes, USA
Elke Hülse, Brazil
Taeyoun Kim, South Korea
Kevynne Layne, USA
Margo  Macdonald, USA
Borjana Maevszka-Koncz, Hungary
Joyce Marlow, USA
Lindsey Marshall, UK
Lynn Mayne, USA
Rebecca Mezoff, USA
Stacy   Miller, USA
LouLou Morris, UK
Judit Pázmány, Hungary
Elisabeth Quick, USA
Christine  Rivers, Canada
Michael  Rohde, USA
Antje Schölzel, Germany
Merna Strauch, USA
Stella Tang, Canada
Turid Teague, USA
Cheryl  Thornton, Australia
Kathe Todd-Hooker, USA
Anton Veenstra, Australia
Friede  Voet, Belgium

Teitelbaum Awards

Thanks to a  generous donation from the Teitelbaum Family Trust,  ATA offers awards to two STI artists. The juror for the show bestows the awards on tapestries that (s)he considers to be of exceptional aesthetic and technical quality. The First Place Award is a $300.00 cash prize and Second Place is a $200.00 cash prize. The juror, Hesse McGraw, selected the following tapestries.

“This is not a plastic bag”
Taeyoun Kim

Michael Rohde


Hesse McGraw, Chief Curator of Exhibitions and Projects at the Bemis Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Read more about Hesse McGraw.

FOFA_logoThis project is supported in part by a grant from Friends of Fiber Art International. Additional support for the show came from the Damascus Fiber Arts School.