Small Tapestry International 5: Crossroads


UNT on the Square
University of North Texas
109 North Elm Street
Denton, Texas 76201
August 17 – September 30, 2017
Opening Reception: September 1, 2017, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Handforth Gallery
Tacoma Public Library
1102 Tacoma Avenue South
Tacoma, Washington 98402
(253) 292-2001
November 15 – December 27, 2017
Opening Reception: December 2, 2017, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Accepted artists

ATA is pleased to announce that the following artists have had tapestries accepted into STI 5. From 125 entries, our juror, Rudi Dundas, former Director of the Scheuer Tapestry Studio, chose 40 tapestries. She said,

“‘Crossroads’ is an apt theme for a medium of crossed weft and warp. Crossroads also in a time where even the definition of what is tapestry is more universally ambiguous…  Pixels of colored narrative elements assembled into gossamer wings of floating images out of the textile material… What is the important role for tapestry artists today? In a time of electronic communication, how is this ancient medium to be used in a meaningful way? … We are just beginning to scratch the surface. There are so many exciting new roads to explore in the expression of warp and weft.”

Mavis Adam (USA)
Patricia Armour (New Zealand)
Nicki Bair (USA)
Barbara Burns (USA)
Wendy Charlton (USA)
Clare Coyle (Scotland)
Viv Davy (New Zealand)
Elaine Duncan (Canada)
Patricia Dunston (USA)
Maggie Edwards (Canada)
Marcia Ellis (USA)
Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther (Canada)
Suzanne Fitzgerald (France)
Alex Friedman (USA)
Carolyn Furnish (USA)
Joan Griffin (USA)
Joyce Hayes (USA)
Elke Hülse (Brazil)
Benthe Ibsen (Denmark)
Suzanne Knight (Australia)
Lindsey Marshall (United Kingdom)
Cynthia Martinez (USA)
Phoebe McAfee (USA)
David Mooney (USA)
Mariana Ortega (Mexico)
Pam Patrie (USA)
Dolly Perkins (USA)
DeAnna Rigter (USA)
Christine Rivers (Canada)
Tommye Scanlin (USA)
Rebecca Smith (USA)
Lin Squires (United Kingdom)
Care Standley (USA)
Turid Teague (USA)
Kathe Todd-Hooker (USA)
Anton Veenstra (Australia)
Friede Voet (Belgium)
Jeane Vogel (USA)
Sue Weil (USA)
Ama Wertz

Teitelbaum Awards

Thanks to a  generous donation from the Teitelbaum Family Trust,  ATA offers awards to two STI artists. The juror for the show bestows the awards on tapestries that (s)he considers to be of exceptional aesthetic and technical quality. The First Place Award is a $300.00 cash prize and Second Place is a $200.00 cash prize. Rudi Dundas selected the following tapestries.

First Place Teitelbaum Award Winner
Kathe Todd Hooker
“Hazel’s Fabulous Façade”

Second Place Teitelbaum Award Winner
Elke Hülse
“Time to Weave”


Rudi Dundas. Rudi Dundas (Ruth Scheuer) is a fine art photographer focused on social change and environmental issues. She has photographed in Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and at home in California. Rudi’s social documentary images highlight issues of global concern and provide client solutions for a better world. In the 1980s she was the founder and director of the Scheuer Tapestry Studio in New York (later Center for Tapestry Arts, then InterArt Center), which created over 80 tapestries during its 10 year existence.