STI 5 Insurance Value and Selling Price

Insurance & Selling Prices

Deadline for submitting your materials: June 28, 2017.
  • Because there is quite a bit of confusion in the numbers that have been submitted for insurance values and selling prices, we are asking each of you to submit this form to confirm your information.

    Insurance value is what you would want to receive for your tapestry if it were to sell. Selling value is what you are asking the gallery to sell your tapestry for. The selling value includes any commissions charged by the venues.

    Tapestries of U.S. artists may be offered for sale while on display at Gallery on the Square, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas. The gallery is charging a 20% commission on sales that take place while STI 5 is at the gallery.

    Artists from the United States may offer their tapestries for sale while they are on display UNT on the Square, Denton, Texas.
    The gallery will receive a 20% commission for any sales that are facilitated while STI 5 is at the gallery.
    All Artwork must remain with the Exhibition through the final venue.
    To calculate a Selling Price with a 20% commission, divide the Insurance Value by .8.
    For example, if your insurance value is $1000.00, divide $1000.00 by .8; the answer is $1250.00. That becomes the Selling Price with a 20 % commission.

  • Deadline for form submission: June 28, 2017.

  • Having trouble with this form? Please email if you would like help.