Tapestry Call for Entries

September 30, 2020: Materials Hard and Soft

The Greater Denton Arts Council presents the 34th annual Materials: Hard + Soft International Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition. Materials: Hard + Soft began in 1987 in Denton, Texas as a celebration of the evolving field of contemporary craft and the remarkable creativity and innovation of artists who push the boundaries of their chosen media including: clay, fiber, glass, metal, paper, wood, or any combination of craft media. This year’s juror is Pablo Barrera of the Oklahoma Contemporary. Barrera will select approximately 70 pieces for exhibition and award prizes of $250, $500, $750, and $1,000. Selected works will be included in an exhibition in Denton, Texas, our online exhibition & store, and a printed catalog. There is a $30 entry fee that covers up to 3 entries. Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2020. Questions can be emailed to exhibit@dentonarts.com. 

Call in English: Dentonarts.com/mhscall Llamada de artista en español: dentonarts.com/materials-hard-soft-call-en-espanol Appel d’artiste en français: dentonarts.com/materials-hard-soft-call-in-francais

Ongoing opportunities

Fate, Destiny & Self Determination

Co-create a tapestry installation with Line Dufour by weaving a shape that she sends to you. Visit the project website page. Email Line.

Artist Submissions, The Craft & Folk Art Museum Shop

The Craft & Folk Art Museum Shop continues museum founder Edith Wyle’s mission to share beautiful, handmade art objects from around the globe. f you think you make something that fits the Craft & Folk Art Museum Shop, we’d love to see your work. We regularly review artist submissions. To be considered for consignment shop representation, please e-mail the following to museumshop@cafam.org, with the artist’s name as the message subject:

  • Artist/process statement
  • 6 high-quality JPG images, 6 inches longest side at 300 dpi. Please do not send files over 2 MB. Images must be saved with the following file name format: Medium_Lastname_Retail Price_Image#.jpg.
  • Numbered image inventory including title, dimensions, medium, date and retail price for each image.

Visit website for more information: www.cafamshop.org

Fiber Art Now

Fiber Art Now, a quarterly publication, is calling for articles that will support its mission to connect and inspire the fiberarts and textiles community with the most compelling work in the field.  http://fiberartnow.net/submissions/.

Other Call for Entry Listings

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Fiber Art Calls for Entry
Fiber Art Calls for Entry is a blog listing current and upcoming opportunities. Read it here or subscribe.

To submit Tapestry Call for Entries,  email ATA’s webmistress. Please send the name of the opportunity, the deadline for submission, a website, if available, and contact information.