Through a generous donation from The Laffer Curatorial Program, we are able to offer TEx@ATA (Tapestry E-xhibit at American Tapestry Alliance.) Several exhibitions are curated each year for this online gallery. Shows vary in content; some are based on a theme, others present the work of a single artist. The curator for each show develops the concept and works closely with the artists who are featured.

With this opportunity, we are able to provide a stipend to outstanding curators interested in designing an exhibition of the highest caliber. Such shows are characterized by a tight cohesive theme and highlight artists who not only exhibit technical and aesthetic excellence in the tapestry medium, but also work in a more conceptual manner, or stretch the definition of tapestry. An essay written by the curator interprets the work within a broad artistic context. For more information about Laffer curatorship, contact Barbara Burns at newsletter@americantapestryalliance.org.

Links to the current and past exhibits are found below.

Newest Exhibition

Interconnections: Contemporary Tapestry of Scotland and Ireland

Curated by Barbara Burns

Joan Baxter and Frances Crowe share their insights about rebuilding the momentum of contemporary tapestry weavers from Scotland and Ireland and how the series of Interconnections exhibitions have proved helpful in establishing relationships between weavers across the two countries.

View the show.

TEx@ATA Exhibitions

2021   Interconnections: Contemporary Tapestry of Scotland and Ireland
Mariana Ortega: Destiny of a Tapestry Weaver
2019   Seizing the Moment: Three Emerging Millennial Artists
2019   Pat Williams Has Stories to Tell
2018   Breaking Through Tradition – Contemporary Tapestry in France
2018   Tapiserije: The Art of Atelje 61 in Vojvodina, Serbia
2018   Katherine Lavocat
2017   Maximo Laura
2017   Belinda Ramson
2017   Elements: earth, air, fire, water
2016   Marcel Marois: The Weave of History
2015   Threads of Life
2015    From Back to Front
2015    Over the Sea, Under the Sky: Contemporary Danish Tapestry
2014    Dorothy Clews: All is in Flux
2014    In the Heart of Europe: Hungarian Tapestry Art
2013    Down South: Tapestry in Australia
2013    The Rhythms of Julia Mitchell’s Tapestries
2013    The Power of Slow
2012    Erin Riley – Public/Private Moments
2012    Dancing Color – Audrey Moore’s Tapestries
2012    A Penelopean Space – the artwork of Linda Wallace
2011    Maiz
2011    Transformed Traditions in Ikat II: Contemporary interpretations of a traditional technique
2010    Archie Brennan
2010    Inyul Heo
2009    Jean Pierre Larochette & Yael Lurie: A study in national treasures
2009    Land
2008    Inspiration & Creativity
2007    Christine Laffer: Lines of Inquiry
2007    Barbara Heller
2007    Tapestry on the Edge
2006    Fractured Landscapes: Tapestries and Paper Weavings by Suzanne Pretty
2006    Between Two Worlds: Valerie Kirk and Sara Lindsay
2005    FindingHome @ tapestry.ca/au