Through a generous donation from The Laffer Curatorial Program, we are able to offer TEx@ATA (Tapestry E-xhibit at American Tapestry Alliance.) Several exhibitions are curated each year for this online gallery. Shows vary in content; some are based on a theme, others present the work of a single artist. The curator for each show develops the concept and works closely with the artists who are featured.

With this opportunity, we are able to provide a stipend to outstanding curators interested in designing an exhibition of the highest caliber. Such shows are characterized by a tight cohesive theme and highlight artists who not only exhibit technical and aesthetic excellence in the tapestry medium, but also work in a more conceptual manner, or stretch the definition of tapestry. An essay written by the curator interprets the work within a broad artistic context. For more information about Laffer curatorship, contact Barbara Burns at newsletter@americantapestryalliance.org.

Links to the current and past exhibits are found below.

Newest Exhibition

Mariana Ortega: Destiny of a Tapestry Weaver

Curated by Barbara Burns

Mariana Ortega shares her story of how she came to the process of tapestry as a form of visual expression. This exhibition is also in Spanish (following the English text). Thank you to Barbara Burns for curating such an inspirational exhibition.

View the show.

TEx@ATA Exhibitions

2021   Mariana Ortega: Destiny of a Tapestry Weaver
2019   Seizing the Moment: Three Emerging Millennial Artists
2019   Pat Williams Has Stories to Tell
2018   Breaking Through Tradition – Contemporary Tapestry in France
2018   Tapiserije: The Art of Atelje 61 in Vojvodina, Serbia
2018   Katherine Lavocat
2017   Maximo Laura
2017   Belinda Ramson
2017   Elements: earth, air, fire, water
2016   Marcel Marois: The Weave of History
2015   Threads of Life
2015    From Back to Front
2015    Over the Sea, Under the Sky: Contemporary Danish Tapestry
2014    Dorothy Clews: All is in Flux
2014    In the Heart of Europe: Hungarian Tapestry Art
2013    Down South: Tapestry in Australia
2013    The Rhythms of Julia Mitchell’s Tapestries
2013    The Power of Slow
2012    Erin Riley – Public/Private Moments
2012    Dancing Color – Audrey Moore’s Tapestries
2012    A Penelopean Space – the artwork of Linda Wallace
2011    Maiz
2011    Transformed Traditions in Ikat II: Contemporary interpretations of a traditional technique
2010    Archie Brennan
2010    Inyul Heo
2009    Jean Pierre Larochette & Yael Lurie: A study in national treasures
2009    Land
2008    Inspiration & Creativity
2007    Christine Laffer: Lines of Inquiry
2007    Barbara Heller
2007    Tapestry on the Edge
2006    Fractured Landscapes: Tapestries and Paper Weavings by Suzanne Pretty
2006    Between Two Worlds: Valerie Kirk and Sara Lindsay
2005    FindingHome @ tapestry.ca/au