Lindsay Gallery

Sara Lindsay

In the making of my work I draw upon tapestry’s intrinsic structural qualities and its historical relationship to narrative – through the slow, considered and deliberate piecing together of strands of yarn and strips of cloth I construct new fabrics which embody and articulate a highly personal narrative. Through this process I seek a greater understanding of my place in the world and the influences that have formed the person I am.

The history of tapestry often brings grand and monumental associations – the adornment of walls fit for the court and kings and, more recently, boardrooms and directors. In contrast, my interest lies in the relationship between tapestry and cloth – reflecting perhaps a more intimate association with the body, ritual and the domestic.

For nearly a decade I produced tapestries which drew upon my experience as a migrant from England. Through the medium of the dress, both my daughter’s, my mother’s and my own I recalled memories of my childhood, bringing them into the present through the performative act of weaving and the evocative use of materials such as gingham checked fabric.

As my work became increasingly minimal in its representation I became more and more interested in the physical relationship I was forming with the work – this act or performance of weaving and its relationship to time. During the weaving of the tapestry “Cinnamon and Roses”, a time/blood line documenting the life of my elderly mother, “there was a sense of history becoming – personal, tangible, actualized – through materials and techniques, five centimeters for every year.”

* Suzie Attiwill, A Matter of Time – 16th Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial Exhibition Catalog.