Curator’s Information

TEx@ATA, ATA’s online gallery,  showcases contemporary tapestry from artists around the world. Curators present the work of tapestry artists whose work refers to an over-arching concept. Two or three exhibitions are mounted each year, each one exploring a unique thread of contemporary tapestry production.

ATA is soliciting proposals for the TEx@ATA Gallery.  Guidelines for these shows include the following:

  • Each exhibition will be designed and titled by the person(s) submitting the proposal (the Curator(s)).
  • The Curator(s) will communicate with the TEx@ATA Coordinator.
  • The exhibition may take the following form:
    • Solo Show. A solo show will focus on the work of one artist with images of 25 – 50 tapestries.
    • Group Show. A group show will include a minimum of two artists and a maximum of ten artists with images of 25 – 50 tapestries.
  • The Curator(s) will choose the artists, the artworks, and the text(s) that will comprise the exhibition.
  • The Curator(s) will submit one or more statements or essays describing the conceptual, social and/or artistic context of the artworks included.
  • The exhibitions will comprise works by artists who either employ the techniques of handwoven tapestry or reference the medium conceptually. Submissions including work that stretches the traditional definition of tapestry are welcomed. If an artist also works in another medium, the Curator(s) may include a maximum of two non-woven works per artist or five non-woven works in a group show.
  • ATA will devise a layout appropriate for the exhibition and submit the design to the Curator(s) for approval.
  • Each exhibition will be online for a period of approximately four months.
  • Each aspect of the show (artwork, texts, etc.) will be reviewed for suitability.

Approval of the show proposal depends on the quality of the overall concept and quality of the proposed exhibition. Curator(s) will be notified within two months of submittal.

Please submit proposals in printed form or via email in .pdf format, including Curator(s) name(s), exhibition title, a brief statement explaining the focus of the exhibition and 2- 3 sample images of representative quality (.jpg or .gif format at between 300dpi and 150dpi) to:

Barbara Burns

The Laffer Curatorial Program, a program within TEx@ATA funded by a generous donation, offers stipends to outstanding curators who are interested in designing an exhibition of the highest caliber. These shows will be characterized by a tight cohesive theme and will highlight artists who not only exhibit technical and aesthetic excellence in the tapestry medium, but also work in a more conceptual manner, or stretch the definition of tapestry. An essay written by the curator will interpret the artist’s work within a broad artistic and cultural context. For more information on Laffer curatorships, email us.

TEx@ATA Program Information