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CatchDorothy Clews

(QLD) emigrated from the UK, and has lived in outback Queensland, for the last 33 years. Graduating from South West Institute of TAFE, Warnamboool in 1997, she has continued to push the boundaries of tapestry; exploring structure, its textile nature, and the characteristics that endow her tapestries with qualities of fragility reflecting the land she inhabits.

Diana Wood Conroy                    22

(NSW) is Emeritus Professor of Visual Arts, Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts, University of Wollongong. She received a BA (Hons) Archaeology from the University of Sydney and a Doctor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong in 1996. Since 1996 she has worked at the Pathos Theatre Excavations in Cyprus (University of Sydney) in the area of painted plaster and textiles. An archaeological approach informs her critical writing on textiles and tapestry.  Her work has been shown internationally and is held in public and private collections in Australia.

A Trio of New Horizons

Cresside Collette

(VIC) was a founder weaver at the Victorian Tapestry Workshop and received a Master of Fine Arts from Monash University in 2003. From 2000-2012 she taught tapestry and drawing at RMIT University. Recently she has led tapestry tours to Europe and the UK and in 2013 led her first textiles tour of Sri Lanka. As a tapestry weaver with a commitment to, and delight in the exploration of textile forms, her work has evolved through an interest in drawing on the figure and landscape as subject matter.

St PetersburgMarie Cook

(VIC) was a founder weaver at the Victorian Tapestry Workshop. Over the past 40 years she has worked in her studio and as an arts educator at South West Institute of TAFE. She has participated in group exhibitions and one solo exhibition, completed commissions, worked on Community projects, won Awards, received a Professional Development Grant from the Australia Council and led textile study tours.

Near and FarKate Derum

(1943-2008) completed a Masters of Fine Arts at Monash University in 1997, where she spent 11 years as head of the Tapestry Studio. In the late nineties she edited the International Tapestry Journal which she transformed into the International Tapestry Yearbook of 2004. Her art practice included drawing, assemblage, collage, printmaking and painting, but she is best known for her woven tapestries where the fast pace and cluttered spaces of urban life are rendered on a woven surface both subtle and intense.

Willo on the RoofDaniel Edwards

(ACT) is a Canberra born textiles/installation artist exploring elements of culture and gender in craft practices. Working with fibre, cloth and other easily accessible domestic items Edwards explores and investigates the possibilities that occur when gender, culture and technology cross, blend and intertwine together. He received a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) from the ANU School of Art in 2009 and is currently Project Manager of the Canberra 100 Community Tapestry.

Creation LandscapeBrenda Goggs

(ACT) is a Canberra based tapestry weaver.  Her work focuses on Australia as her ‘home ground.’ She plays with ideas to do with inside and outside, the viewer and the viewed, illusion and the reality of life in Australia. Sometimes this is ‘serious’ and sometimes with a spirit of fun. Behind all of these, is a search for both domestic ground and spiritual ground, of our being in a country which is as old as the hills and home to some of the world’s oldest peoples. Her work may be seen at

Heirloom/Air LoomHilary Green

(TAS) is currently completing a Masters degree at the Tasmanian College of the Arts, Launceston. After graduating from Monash University’s Tapestry Studio in 2001 she worked as a weaver at the ATW and in 2005 spent one year in Scotland working for West Dean Tapestry Studio on the re-interpretation of the Hunt of the Unicorn series.

Resonance in OchreTim Gresham

(VIC) was born in Brisbane.  In 1986 he completed a Diploma of Creative Arts (Visual) at the University of Southern Queensland and from 1987-92 he worked as a weaver at the ATW.  Since 1993 he has held nine solo exhibitions of tapestry, photography and drawing.

Hello DurgaCharlotte Haywood

(NSW) is an interdisciplinary artist who works with textiles, sculpture and the moving image.  Her background is in film and costume and she is currently studying her Masters of Art at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney.  In 2006 she completed a Diploma of Tapestry Weaving at South West TAFE and in 2010 was awarded a New Work Emerging Artist Grant from the Australia Council for her Collective in Stitches.

Conversations with KateRachel Hine

(VIC) received a Masters of Fine Arts from Monash University and worked as a weaver at the ATW from 2000-2008. She is known for her finely woven miniature narrative tapestries.  In 2007 she and Hilary Green paid homage to their inspirational lecturer, Kate Derum, by weaving the tapestry “Conversations with Kate,” initially in a public space. Constructed as a tag team project the artists did not address a fixed image at any time during the weaving process.

The Weavers Kate Just

(VIC) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and moved to Melbourne permanently in 1996. She has a Doctor of Philosophy (Sculpture) from Monash University, a Master of Arts from RMIT and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from the Victorian College of the Arts where she has been a Lecturer since 2005. Just has received numerous Awards, including the 2012 British Council Realise Your Dream Award.  She is currently in the UK creating performative public knitting works involving knitters, artists and communities.

Pangasianodon GigasValerie Kirk

(ACT) studied art and design at Edinburgh College of Art. In 1979 she came to Australia to become a weaver at the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, and then worked in all states of Australia before moving to Canberra in 1991 to be the Head of Textiles at the Australian National University, School of Art. She has held several solo exhibitions and presented her work in USA, Europe, Australia, NZ and SE Asia. Between 2004-2005 she was commissioned to design and weave three major tapestries to celebrate Nobel Prizes in Science associated with the Australian National University. A further tapestry was commissioned and woven in 2006 featuring the work on small pox and myxomatosis of Professor Frank Fenner. She has just completed a fifth tapestry, celebrating Professor Brian Schmidt’s ground-breaking research on supernovae and the expansion of the universe.

No work for a White ManKay Lawrence

(SA) was born in Canberra and spent her childhood in Papua New Guinea before moving to South Australia as a teenager. She is currently Adjunct Professor of Visual Art in the School of Art Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. As well as undertaking major commissions, she has maintained an internationally recognised exhibition practice. In 2002 a monograph on her work, Kay Lawrence, was published in the UK by Telos Press. Through her art making she critically engages with matters of personal and community identity, exploring ideas of loss and connection through a practice centred on hand-making and grounded in the materiality and meanings of textiles.

UntitledDavid Noonan

(UK) was born in Ballarat, Australia and lives and works in London. He transforms black and white or sepia found imagery into striking collages and large-scale silk-screened tableaux on linen or films. The ATW has collaborated with Noonan on two major tapestries, in 2009 and 2012.

You Know Me BetterMardi Nowak

(VIC) is a tapestry artist and curator who lives and works in Melbourne. In 2003 she completed a MFA (Research) at Monash University. She has held 8 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. Through her curatorial work and her passion for social media she constantly promotes tapestry, and in particular the work of young artists.

Creation LandscapeBelinda Ramson

(NSW) was born in New Zealand. She studied tapestry weaving at the Edinburgh College of Art in 1967 and in 1973 worked at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, with Archie Brennan. From 1976-78 she acted as Consultant and Tutor during the establishment of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop. She is represented by Narek Galleries, in her hometown of Tanja, NSW where her last solo exhibition was held in 2009. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including Texts from the edge in 1994.

Wednesday at 10Millicent Reed

(VIC) gained her initial training in tapestry from Sara Lindsay at an ATW community class and in 2009 received a Diploma of Art (Tapestry) from South West TAFE. Her strength and direction comes from being part of the unbroken continuum of tapestry art from the beginning of recorded time.  Similarly, the sameness and difference of time itself has become the focus of all her work.

My tool setJoy Smith

(VIC) lives and works in Melbourne.  After studying textiles at South West TAFE, under Marie Cook, she went on to work at the ATW for 15 years before leaving to concentrate on her own tapestries. She enjoys producing small pieces that are about everyday scenes that capture her attention.

Puma catEmma Sulzer

(VIC) lives and works in Melbourne. She graduated from Monash University in 2000, with an Honours degree majoring in tapestry.  Since 2005 she has worked at the ATW whilst continuing to produce her own tapestries for exhibition.

PilgrimageCheryl Thornton

(VIC) completed studies in Art and Design in 1976 and joined the Victorian Tapestry Workshop in 1977, following a workshop with Archie Brennan.  She has worked on over fifty different tapestries, and has led many major commissions. Thornton regularly exhibits her own work in solo and group exhibitions. One of her small tapestries is always on the loom, providing a backdrop, a constant and a continuity.

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