Ulrikka Mokdad – Curator’s Biography


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Ulrikka Mokdad Weaving, photo by Kalliope Sarri

Born in 1971, Ulrikka Mokdad is a tapestry weaver and art historian, who lives, weaves and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ulrikka learned tapestry weaving as a child, and later served four and a half years of apprenticeship in a weaver’s workshop. Since 1997, she has exhibited her tapestries nationally and internationally. Her work has been selected for numerous international shows, including American Tapestry Biennials 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, ARTAPESTRY 3 (touring Europe 2012-14) and Karpit 3 (Hungary 2017). Her award-winning artwork can be found in several collections in Denmark, as well as internationally.

She received her MA in art history from the University of Copenhagen in March 2014 for a thesis on Coptic textiles. In 2014, she was invited to participate in 11th Boško Petrović Tapestry Colony in order to design a tapestry cartoon for the renowned Serbian tapestry workshop Atelje 61. When not at the loom, she writes articles, gives talks on textile art, teaches workshops and organizes textile art shows.