Virginia Davis

Artist Statement

I am dedicated to erasing the art/craft hierarchy in the present day art world, using appropriate tools high and/or low tech to realize my images. Imagination and creative relation to material and process are the defining elements in the use of digital or non-digital technology in shaping the outcome the artist desires.

I literally weave, using a computer controlled loom, painter’s linen canvas similar to the sort that can be purchased from artists’ materials suppliers. Ikat technique, dyeing and painting the yarn before weaving, which I have studied since 1972, enables color and image to be embedded in the woven structure and locked inside the canvas. From a current perspective, my work examines and reinterprets minimalism in the context of the symbolic significance of textile imagery.

Formally, the work explores optical aspects of vision and nuances of value contrast. Color reflects light differently depending on whether it is placed in the warp or weft. The representation of space occurs through color overlay. There is a play of edge, hard and feathered. Theme and variation interact and cumulate,

An internationally exhibited artist, Virginia’s awards include four Visual Artist grants from the NEA and the New York State Council for the Arts, and a Fulbright to India. Her research interest in Mexican culture began while as a graduate student at University of Illinois, Urbana. Virginia lives and works in Berkeley, California.