Renditions 2020: Unjuried Small Format Exhibition

The unjuried small format exhibition is open to members of ATA and is an exciting opportunity to see and share members’ work with one another. Held in conjunction with the Handweavers Guild of America’s conference, Convergence, this exhibition spotlights tapestry as a part of the handweaving tradition. Tapestries submitted are no larger than 10″ in width or height, often making this an ideal opportunity for weavers to experiment with materials, techniques, or colors.

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Due to COVID-19, the Renditions 2020 unjuried small format exhibition will not be installed for in-person viewing, however, it will live in perpetuity as an online exhibition here on the ATA website. Some members organized a theme and submitted work as a collective group. These themes are organized by tapestry weaving groups and can be viewed here. Individuals who submitted separately are presented below. In a way, this online platform provides an opportunity to expand the reach of this exhibition as well as recognize the historical event of such magnitude that kept us from viewing this work in person. Please enjoy the tapestries of nearly 300 members and let it inspire you to participate in the next unjuried small format show!

Individual Submissions

Images are alphabetically arranged by last name of each tapestry weaver.

Artists Last Names A-DArtists Last Names E-G
Artists Last Names H-KArtist Last Names L-O
Artist Last Names P-TArtist Last Names U-Z

Artists Last Names A-D

Mavis Adam
Klaus Anselm
“Bar None”
Helena Arvidsson
“Dark River”
Lyn Bainbridge
“One Shining Night”
Galadriel Breezy
“Soumak Reds”
Ruth Buchman
“Night Sky”
Joan Cawley Crane
“Rock, Scissors, Paper”
Jean Clark
Carolyn Cogan
Lynn Cornelius
“Squaring the Circle”
Deborah Corsini
“Three Part Harmony”
Nancy Crampton
“Autumn Confetti: In Memory of My Mom”
Sharon Crary
“3 Tulips”
Janet Ducote
“Beverly’s Fish In Neon Fauve”
Allie Dudley
“Cloud Study”
Pat Dunston
“Trio Rendition: Lullaby of Birdland”

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Artists Last Names E-G

Molly Elkind
Michiele Elliot
“Older Now”
Berit Engen
“…but Ruth clung to her” (Ruth 1:14)
Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther
“Waking Up in the Lake”
Susan Gaire
“Save the Birds! 1 in 4 Lost Since 1970”
Tricia Goldberg
“Calla Lily”
Joan Griffin
“Blue Ridge View”

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Artists Last Names H-K

Candace Hagen
“Grammie’s Rendition of Ben’s Tree”
Louise Halsey
“When Doubt is Present”
Mark Hampton
“Elementary School Memory”
Susan Hart Henegar
“Stinson Over the Rio”
Jenny Heard
“Ferry Ride to Whidbey”
Betty Hilton-Nash
“Bat Moon Rising”
Claudia Jefferies
“A ‘Garble’ of Geese”
Mary Jones
“Unlikely Friends”
Patti Kirch
“Winter Wedding”
Valerie Kirk
Lindsay Kronmiller
“Reality vs. Expectations”

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Artist Last Names L-O

Robbie LaFleur
“Norwegian Unicorn”
Wendy Lauzon
Karen LaBlanc
“Rectus Colōrem”
Monique Lehman
Carol Lerner
Jo Librizzi
“Away From it All”
Connie Lippert
“Messenger Bird”
JoEl Logiudice
“Yellowstone Abstract”
Priscilla Lynch
“Late Fall”
Annita Magee
“Reinbo Sansetto”
Lindsey Marshall
“Nexus 1”
Cynthia Martinez
Harriet Memeger
“Night to Day”
Elizabeth Michael
“Taming My Monkey Mind”
Nancy Nordquist
“Summer Night, North Sea, II”
Kaori Okabayashi
Laurie O’Neill
Tea Okropiridze
“Beyond the Point”

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Artist Last Names P-T

Margaret Phillips
Rebecca Powell
“Grasses Rendered”
Aruna Reddy
Leslie Rodier
“Rainy Road on the Isle of Skye”
Dinah Rose
“Mountain Sunrise”
Dorina Scalia
“When in Dovecot…”
Tommye Scanlin
“Springtime in Georgia”
Rowen Schussheim-Anderson
Carol Seeds
“New Mexico Autumn”
Jean Selvy-Wyss
“The Wave”
Emily Shinn
“Soutine’s Herrings”
Cheryl Silverblatt
“Dreamscape: A Rendering”
Jan Smiley
“Wedge Weave #1”
Kathy Spoering
“Neighborhood Watch”

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Artist Last Names U-Z

Debra Thomas
“Home Fires”
Kathe Todd-Hooker
“Bad Ass-Flim Flam”
Kennita Tully
“Soumak Soumacs”
Sally Vikman
“Spring Bluebird”
Jeane Vogel
“Twice Scared & Three Times Angry”
Carol Ward
“Psalm 121”
Sarah Warren
“Capital Reef”
Linda Weghorst
“Beaded Botanical”
Holly Wilkes
“Out of the Box”
Nancy Wohlenberg
“Seed Story II: Samara”
Vicki Wymore

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