Renditions 2020 Group Themed Entries

Participants had an option to submit as a group focused around a theme. Sixteen different groups participated within this parameter. Topics ranged from environmental concerns to childhood tales and songs. Explore how each artist interpreted a particular theme in the images below!

Participating Groups

As CatarinasSpanish Peaks Tapestry Group
Central Coast Weavers Tapestry GroupTapestry Artists of Puget Sound
Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild Tapestry Study GroupTapestry Weavers of Vancouver Island
Damascus Fiber Arts SchoolSanta Cruz Textile Arts Guild
Rebecca Mezoff’s Tapestry SchoolTucson Tapestry Group
San Diego Creative Weavers GuildTapestry Weavers in New England
San Francisco LoominariesWeaver’s Guild of Rochester NY
Seaside WeaversWeavers Guild of Greater Baltimore Tapestry Study Group

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As Catarinas: Metamorphosis

The theme for this group entry was the butterfly. The subject is ideal for tapestry weavers as it encourages exploration of color, line, and composition.

Marize Didoné
Marcia Domingues
Elke Hulse
Marcia Miotti
Andreia Peixoto
Luciane Sell da Silva
Sonia Zaccaron
Patricia Duarte-Piers

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Central Coast Weavers

The tapestry weavers of this group were inspired by the landscape of the central Californian coast line.

Cindy Gaulin
“Monterey Pines at Sunset”
Joan Montalban
“Beach Birds at Sunset”
Barbro Schreiber
“The Sandpiper”
Ethelyn Tucker
“The Vineyard”

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Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild Tapestry Study Group

Color Me….was the jumping point of inspiration for this weaving group!

Terri Bryson
Mary Alice Donceel
“Color Me Grand”
Nancy Dugger
“Color Me Redhead”
Mary Jane Lea
“Color Me Monastic Light”
Sarah Thomsen
“Color Me By Number”

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Damascus Fiber Arts School

Childhood Tales and Songs is the theme chosen for the 9th Rendition of the Damascus Fiber Arts School Group Challenge.  We appreciate the meaning of rendition and decided to render our own versions of stories and songs enjoyed in childhood. This broad theme appealed to so many in our group, from tales they enjoyed in their own childhood to stories they told their children. Weavers also enjoyed telling these stories to each other, as some were not well-known to the group. Each time we do this we get better and enjoy it more. 

Amy Belgan
“The Giving Tree: Ode to Shel Silverstein”
Deborah Bernstein
“The Piper Came to Town, a Child’s Memory”
Jenny Bloom
“Interpretation of ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Jen Niles Art”
Patricia Bugas-Schramm
“Sleeping Goldilocks and the Three Bears”
Sara Buse
“Some Pig”
Janet Christensen
“The Tortoise and the Hare”
Arlene Crooks
“Will’s Mammoth”
Kiki Dembrow
Janet Dorrow
“Jemima Puddle Duck and the Fox”
Stephanie Frederick
“The Snow Queen”
Barbara Hitzeman
“Princess and the Pea”
Margaret Jeppesen
“Mr. McGregor’s Garden”
Althea Jordan
“All the Better to Eat You, My Dear”
Kevynne Layne
“Aesop’s The Fox and the Raven”
Phoebe McAfee
“Jack and the Beanstalk”
Audrey Moore
“Peter Rabbit”
Terry Olson
“3 Billy Goats”
Patricia Price
Beth Scarth
Pat Turley
“Twinkle, Twinkle (for Teo)”
Sally Williams
“Bremen Town Musicians”

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Rebecca Mezoff’s Tapestry School

Rebecca Mezoff’s online tapestry school brings together tapestry weavers from all over the world to share our love of this medium. Rebecca challenged her students both online and from her workshops to submit a tapestry that reflects their story in some way, wherever they are from. There are weavers here from the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Let’s help weave a global community through tapestry!

Arlynn Abseck
“No Walls, Only Open Doors”
Vicki Aspenberg
“The Dancers”
Pip Barrington
“Currowan Fire”
Ghislaine Bazir
“Alice and Anita 4”
Karen Binder
“Landing in 3…2…”
Leslie Black
“Vermont Barn”
Chelley BonDurant
Lyn Breckenridge
“NM Sunset”
Bonni Brooks
Jenny Chicone
“Time Travel”
Patty Clavette
“Birth of the Sun”
Kate Colwell
“18.8 Million People Displaced by Extreme Weather”
Phillippa Cumberland
“Shoreline Textures”
Janice Drew
“Flying Out of Formation”
Karen Driscoll
“A Place to Rest”
Debbie Ellis
“The Hot Tub’s in the Back”
Susan Fairbanks
“Mischief #1: Built on Stilts”
Lu Fiskin Ross
“Danny’s Sunset”
Mary Gilroy
“Ode to Churro”
Mary Jackson
Fiona Macrae
Ila McCallum
Rebecca Mezoff
“Love From Colorado”
Ann Marie Miller
“Papier Feuilles”
Donna Movsovich
“Learning to Fly”
Heather Myers
“Two Pears”
Bonni Opthof
“Save the Bees”
Jessica Ostrow
“Little Boxes on the Hillside”
Mary Kate Philbin
“Near the Urban Forest”
Jon Porch
“We are All Riding into the Future, Together”
Sally Reckert
“My Local CoOp Store”
Marlena Rogers
Carolyn Rose
“The Real Thing”
Ruth Schachter
“Do Not Oppress the Stranger”
Marion Scichilone
“Italy, Atlantic Ocean, USA: Love Everyone”
Judy Smith
“Day Lily”
Evelin Stetter
“Scanian Rapefield, Poppies, and Cornflowers”
Suzanne Tietjen
“Whosoever Will”
Lesley Tudan
“Starry Starry Night”
Faith Varrone
“San Blas Sunset”
Ginny Wallace
“Up, Up, and Away”
Beverly Weaver
“Claude Monet Visits the Missouri Botanical Garden”
Gayle Weikert
“Seeing Red”
Trish White
“Making Waves”
Joe Wigon
“Recovering Environment”
Gina Wimberly-Gard
“Ocean Flowers to Ease My Mother’s Journey”

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San Diego Creative Weavers Guild

Color seems to be fun theme for many groups to explore. The San Diego Creative Weavers Guild asked the question, “What hue are you?”

Rocio Guillen
“Zigzags of Life”
Mary Severine
Rebecca Smith
“Great, Great, Great Grandma Lucy”

San Francisco Loominaries

In our beautiful city of San Francisco, we are surrounded by water – on the West by the amazing Pacific Ocean, and on the East by the San Francisco Bay. Anytime we travel east or west, we run into bodies of water. With such a beautiful backdrop, it is no surprise that we chose water as a theme for our tapestries. Water is the glue that connects all aspects of our lives. Without it, we would not survive. We pay homage and respect to this life-giving force with our weavings.

Gail Berger
“A Day at the Beach”
Sally Bland
“Blue Horizon”
Grace Kwak
“In Between”
Nancy Quon
“Deck View”
Lucinda Scheer

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Seaside Weavers

The Seaside Weavers group chose to weave biographies. These interpretive tapestries act as windows into the spirits of the weavers.

Nicki Bair
“Biographies Woven #1”
Marjorie Fine
“Biographies Woven #2”
Carollee Howes
“Biographies Woven #3”
Karen Leckart
“Biographies Woven #4”
Deborah Shoenberger
“Biographies Woven #5”
Trudy Sonia
“Biographies Woven #5”

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Spanish Peaks Tapestry Group

Music often inspires weavers as balance, rhythm, and composition are all a part of a successful weaving. The Spanish Peaks Tapestry Group interpreted musical themes in several different ways as seen below.

Joan Archuleta
Marilyn Hoisington
“All That Jazz”
Betty Kochevar
Christina Ohlsen
“Love of Music”
Colette Wright

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Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound

The Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound explored the general theme of renditions, and created beautiful tapestries that pay homage to the painter, Frida Kahlo.

Cecilia Blomberg
“Frida, a Rare Orchid”
Marion Cragg
“Frida’s Flower”
Joyce Hayes
“Fulang Chang Meets Hunyuan Gong”
Mary Lane
“For Frida: Self Portrait as Tehuana”
Margo Macdonald
“Frida and La Dame, Monkey to Monkey”
Liz Pulos
Julia Rapinoe
“In Frida’s Garden”

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Tapestry Weavers of Vancouver Island

Members of our tapestry group represent a diverse range of skill levels and artistic training. We bring weavers together to work, to share ideas, to help one another and celebrate our love and enthusiasm for tapestry. Each piece refers to a subject that had meaning to us, reflecting
on the interpretation of “Renditions”. Our common goal for this challenge was to develop our individual styles and to explore the boundaries of tapestry.

Sharon Cameron
“Shades of Time”
Terry Gerrard
Mireille Marquis
“Hope Through Darkness – Tribute to Vincent van Gogh”
Donna Millen
Christine Rivers
“Many Ferns”

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The Eccentrics of the Santa Cruz Textile Arts Guild

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is a federally protected marine area along 276 miles of California’s spectacular central coast. It is one of the largest national marine sanctuaries in the US and includes 36 species of marine mammals, more than 180 species of sea and shore birds and over 500 species of fish along with innumerable invertebrates and algae. The Eccentrics are a newly formed tapestry study group of the Santa Cruz area guild. We are beginning and intermediate tapestry weavers who meet at the beach on Monterey Bay as often as weather permits and coffee shops when it doesn’t. Weaving in public is a great way to share what we do and people love to stop and chat.
Some of us live in the mountain towns around the Bay and others closer to the shore, but we all love this area of California and chose to each weave our own “rendition” of our beautiful Monterey Bay.

Bonnie Britton
“Bay Fog Sanctuary”
Janette Gross
“Sun Glitter”
Peg McCollough
“Currently Playing in my Neighborhood”
Yonat Michaelov
“Monterey Bay Cypress”
Kris Nardello
“Monterey Morning”
Ruth Ellen Saarinen
“View from Asilomar Beach”
Joan Vierra
“Monterey Bay Beach Sunset”

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Tucson Tapestry Group

Tucson seems to defy the idea of a desert. It is surrounded by “Sky Island” mountain ranges and located in a lush Sonoran Desert environment which is comprised of many low water native plants, lizards, javelina and other unique animals, adobe architecture, exciting summer monsoons, and an historic blend of Spanish and Native American cultures. THSG’s Tapestry Study Group’s challenge was for each weaver to depict an example of “Tucson/Desert Life” in order to showcase some of the elements that comprise this unique environment.

Donna Andersen
“Saguaro in Fruit”
Rebecca Fabos
“Slow Sam – A Regal Horned Lizard”
Linda Fernandez
“Desert Ocotillo in Bloom”
Betty Headrick
“Mellow Globe Mallow”
Maddie Tsurusaki
“T is for Tucson”
Karen Yackell
“A Desert Medley”
Nellie Ziegler
“The Blue Window”

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Tapestry Weavers in New England

TWiNE was formed in 1991 to support contemporary tapestry artists, and to preserve and promote the ancient art of hand woven tapestry. TWiNE members have studied around the country and the world, from New England to New Mexico, Israel to Mexico, so our styles and inspirations are diverse. We meet three times a year, wherever tapestry appears in New England, and sponsor lectures, exhibits and workshops when inspiration strikes. We are inclusive, with membership open to all.

Louise Abbott
“Giving Tree”
Priscilla May Alden
“Networking V”
Lisa Almeida
“Beantown Blues”
Janet Austin
Barbara Burns
“Red, White and Blue For You America”
Karen Callan
“Midnight Mingling”
Donna Cavagnac
“Blue Suede Shoe”
Madeleine Darling-Tung
“New England Puffin with Sand Eels”
Denise DiDomenico
“At Land’s End”
Karen Edwards
Katie Hickey
“Blue Moon”
Nancy Johnson
“Eastman Lake, NH”
Martha May
“Blue Sky Trio”
Suzanne Pretty
Linda Rhynard
“Red Moon Over the Kickimuit II”
Maria Robinson
“The Ebb Tide”
Tamar Shadur
“Blue Corticelli Kitten”
Micala Sidore
“Sky Blue Sea”
Audrey Straight
“Wild Blueberries”
Linda Whiting

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Weaver’s Guild of Rochester New York

Water, Water Everywhere is our group theme. Our group continues to be inspired by the beauty of the Western New York region, and how surrounded we are by water in many places and forms. From rivers to lakes (large and small) to bogs and wetlands…right through to the kitchen sink, we have an abundance of water to sustain us and inspire us. Each year we’ve chosen a specific color to be included in the piece; this year it’s a soft sea-green.

Marianne Antczak
“Every Drop Makes a Difference”
Mary McMahon
“Dark Seas at Midnight”
Melita Gill
“Big Bend NP”
Carole Plate
“Trouble Waters”
Mary Ann Proia
“Acadia 1”
Barbara Snios
“Cranberry Bog”

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Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore Tapestry Study Group

The Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore Tapestry Study Group’s submission is in memory (and in honor) of Dorothy Szymanski who passed away shortly after her tapestry,  “And the Beat Goes On”, was completed. How fitting that she is the last weaver featured in this exhibition as well as the title she chose for this work. The weavers of the GBTSG will miss her grace, enthusiasm and humor. 

Carol Bodin
“Purple Pops”
Jeanne Bohlen
Janet Bowen
“Striations in Three Colors”
Pam Carey
“Indigo Triangles”
Jane Daniels
“Three Colors Christmas Way”
Sarah Irvine
“My Way: All Buttoned Up”
Cheryl Migliarini
“Three Colors Cheryl’s Way”
Dolly Perkins
“Devil’s Nose, Ecuador”
Catherine Reed
“Three Color Mapping My Way”
Dorothy Szymanski
“And the Beat Goes On”

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