heARTscapes: ATA’s 2021 Postcard Exchange
Kristen Glasbrook to Ruth Manning
Hi Ruth
Here still, there soon!
All the best for the beginning of a new season
Love, Kirsten

The pandemic has dramatically impacted our opportunities for socializing together in person. Though digital technology has offered some reprieve, there is nothing more special than receiving a postcard from a new or long-time friend! heARTscapes is the theme for this year’s tapestry postcard exchange and invites participants to connect with one another by weaving messages of care, hope, and inspiration during our time of social distancing.

Entrants will be randomly paired and will be able to exchange communication with each other in order to design a special tapestry postcard that they will send to their partner. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to submit their woven postcards to ATA. We will be promote submitted postcards on Instagram as a form of sharing these messages of heartfelt encouragement to others throughout the year.

Registration opens on February 14, 2021. Please check back then to submit your intent to enter! Registration fee is only $15. Membership required.

To view prior postcard entries, please go here.


Feb. 14th–Registration to participate opens!

April 15th–Registration to participate closes.

April 30th–Partners identified in random draw and notifications sent.

May 1-October 1–Postcard exchange occurs among partners.

August 1–Submit your woven postcard!

October 31–Submission deadline of woven postcards.