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Registration opens on February 14, 2021. Please go here to participate! Registration fee is only $15. Membership required.…

Dorothea Van De Winkel
“Tornado in the Field II”
73 in x 95 in

We are excited to announce that our venues hosting ATB 13 have altered their dates so that we can welcome the public to share this great …

Elke Hülse
“Girls everywhere girls 6”, 2018
70 cm x 50 cm

Read how Elke invites the viewer to to consider the importance of valuing ethnic identities around the globe here.…

Liliana Crespi
“Mangroves”, 2020
54 in x 40 in

Read about how living in Mexico has influenced artist Liliana Crespi here.…

Susan Hart
“Stinson Over the Rio”

Renditions 2020 is now viewable online! Check it out here.…

Looking for inspiration? Check out the latest issue of CODA! It’s the best of the best from our Tapestry Topics publication and has many articles that will inspire your weaving practice. Go here to download CODA. …

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