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  • Janette Meetze, "Red Dirt Days: Journey Through 2014," detail

  • Gunilla Petersson, "Landscape," detail

  • Cecilia Blomberg, "Point Defiance Steps," detail

  • Linda Wallace, "The Journey Back," detail

  • Joyce Hayes, "Etude #8," detail

Featured News
Sharon Hogg, "The Seventh Sense" (2013), 72" x 40"

Sharon Hogg is a visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta and Lombardy, Ontario, Canada. She is a recent graduate with a BFA from the Alberta College Of Art + Design where she was awarded the Board of Governors Graduating Student …

Lialia Kuchma, "Wing Left" (2004), 96" x 32"; $3000

“Wing left” started as a simple line drawing after I had seen an exhibit on planes, however for me the beauty was in the markings within the wing… Read More.

Elizabeth Buckley is a second-generation tapestry artist and teacher of over forty years. Read more.


Linda Weghorst will be teaching Creating Commissions: A Professional Path from Start to Finish at ATA’s 2014 Members Retreat. Read more.…

My textiles are characterized by figurative, stylized representation. Read more.


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