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  • Linda Green, "The Soft Machine," detail

  • Kari Guddal, "Deep Down," detail

  • Margaret Jones, "Number One," detail

  • Aino Kajaniemi, "I Stretch," detail

Featured News
Julia Rapinoe will have a show of her small woven tapestries influenced by patterns of the landscape and the various impacts that forces of nature have on them.


May 11 – June 6, 2017
May 11, 5:00
Becky Stevens‘s tapestry Tango will be part of a juried exhibition: Contemporary Fiber Art in Florida 2017. Her work is included with other original artwork showcasing contemporary approaches to fiber art.


April 28 – June 17, 2017

Troy Dale has written ATA’s latest Educational Article, “Hey Kids! Let’s Put on a Show in the Barn,” which illuminates the many elements that must come together to create one of ATA’s traveling exhibitions.

Read the article here

Headed up by Barbara Burns, this blog will cover, over a period of time, topics such as: writing an artist statement; speaking about your work; using social media; printed promotional materials; business practices; and much more. Visit the blog.…

"Standing Together - Then and Now" (2014), 19" x 4.78"

“I bring my life experiences, thoughts and culture into my tapestries.  Life expressed in weaving.” Visit Christine’s Artist Page.…

"Fish Tonight" (2016), 15" x 15"

“I call this series, Pattern Play and that is how I approached each design. Just for fun no serious message intended.” Visit Becky’s Artist Page.…

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