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  • Janette Meetze, "Red Dirt Days: Journey Through 2014," detail

  • Gunilla Petersson, "Landscape," detail

  • Cecilia Blomberg, "Point Defiance Steps," detail

  • Linda Wallace, "The Journey Back," detail

  • Joyce Hayes, "Etude #8," detail

Featured News
Carolyn Furnish, "St. Lucia de Picasso" (2012) 22" x 31"

I am fascinated by iconography and hagiography. It makes it possible to “read” an artwork through attributes, or symbols. Picasso’s 1932 painting “Woman with a Book” is the model for “St. Lucia de Picasso.” I morphed Picasso’s woman into St. …

Pamela Davis "Over-Wintered" (2013), 47" x 18"

Pamela’s spirited colors and energetic, sometimes whimsical, shapes transport the viewer into the mystery of the deep forest.  She lives in the Superior National Forest on the border of Minnesota USA, Canada, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Read

We are proud to announce that ATA’s Award for Excellence goes to Kathe Todd-Hooker for her tapestry “Pax Chene” exhibited in Coastal Fiberarts 2013 at Clatsop Community College by Astoria Visual Arts, from July 18 – August 18, 2013. Read

Evelyn Campbell received the ATA Award of Excellence for her tapestry “Sandhill Cranes over Pajarito Acres,” which was exhibited in Celebration of Fiber, during Intermountain Weavers Conference (IWC). Read more.

Silvia Heyden, "Crescendo in Mixed Threads" 2012, 36" x 43"

As I look back over my eighty years of sketching, seventy-five years of playing the violin and sixty years of weaving tapestries, I clearly see the confluence of strings in my work that has made musical themes of rhythm, motifs, …

Before I started Reserve Pond, I had done many drawings and a few tapestries with the subject of water. Crossed threads in a tapestry, constantly twisting and untwisting with changes in humidity and temperature, are like pixels in a constantly …

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