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  • Liz Pulos, "Pink Wave Rising"

  • Louise Halsey, "Red Tide, Red Terror"

  • Clare Coyle, "Breaking Away"

  • Rebecca Mezoff, "Displaced Refugee Blanket"

  • Turid Teague, "Out of Reach"

  • Julia Rapinoe, "Rough Water"

  • Anna Kocherovsky, "Tides and Currents"

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Sara Lindsay curates Down South: Tapestry in Australia, a history of the contemporary tapestry movement in Australia.  Visit the show.…

In 2013 the American Tapestry Alliance’s International Student Award drew applicants from Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Read their thoughts on their tapestry practice. The Student Perspective.…

The work of Michael F. Rohde has been published in numerous exhibition catalogs, has been the subject of media articles across the country and he is author of multiple international magazine articles. View his Artist Page.…

Share your Story of how you became interested in tapestry with ATA: http://americantapestryalliance.org/share-your-story/

Matty Smith, "Neda: Bearing Witness" (2009), 490mm x 275 mm (framed)

Fleeting images portray the actuality of something but at the same time leave the imagination free to fill in gaps and build personal narratives. Sometimes those fleeting images are found inside my mind and sometimes in the world around me. …

Carolyn Furnish, "St. Lucia de Picasso" (2012) 22" x 31"

I am fascinated by iconography and hagiography. It makes it possible to “read” an artwork through attributes, or symbols. Picasso’s 1932 painting “Woman with a Book” is the model for “St. Lucia de Picasso.” I morphed Picasso’s woman into St. …

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