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  • Jeane Vogel, "Take Them Home"

  • Jane Freear Wyld, "Pebbles: Hustanton Beach"

  • Birgitta Hallberg, "Linedance"

  • Michael Rohde, "Messages"

  • Kathe Todd-Hooker, "To Every Edge"

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This TEx Gallery exhibition is part of the Laffer Curatorial Program and was curated by Edit András, art historian and art critic. View the show.…

Terri K. Stewart, "Getting Off the Grid" 16.75" x 6.75", $125

Self-taught in tapestry and many other endeavors, I enjoy all parts of the process, from creating a cartoon to weaving the final product and finally exhibiting (…) Read more.

She has studied art since childhood and has an M.A. in Art History from the University of Iowa. She studied French classical tapestry (…) Read more.

I pay attention. Why have I responded to this stimulus? I ask myself, can I find expression for that inspiration? Read more.

Love weaving and blogging? Get a free loom and kits as part of Mirrix Looms’ Social Market for a Mirrix program! http://www.mirrixlooms.com/community/smfam2014/

Her inspiration comes from the geometry and rhythms of the natural world, from architectural references (…) Read more.

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