CODA: Tapestry Art Today

CODA: Tapestry Art Today is a digest of ATA’s newsletter. CODA features contemporary tapestry artists around the world, with images and articles presenting a broad spectrum of perspectives on the art as it is celebrated today.

A few highlights from our most recent edition of  CODA include:

  • The New Nowness of Tapestry by Emily Xaiden Director and Curator of Craft in America
  • Notes on Feeding, Nurturing and Sustaining an Art Practice by Shelley Socolofsky
  • A Conversation with Fiona Hutchison
  • Engaging with Society through Tapestry – Pat Taylor
  • Weaving on the Wild Side with Dance Doyle 

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Ellen Ramsey, Editor. Sara Figal and Nicki Bair, Design & Layout.

Previous Publications

CODA 2015 (download)

Dorothy Clews, Editor. Robin Coombes, Layout.

CODA 2013 (download)

Dorothy Clews, Editor. Margaret Sunday, Layout.