Weaving the Future

by Megan Herring on August 29, 2017

Janet Clark was ATA’s first Weaving the Future grant recipient. Janet taught Sally Reckert to weave, and in turn Sally uses those skills to teach tapestry weaving to children at craft fairs as well as other locations.
ATA’s Weaving the Future grants offer opportunities for weavers to teach anyone tapestry skills who wishes to teach tapestry work to children.To read more about grants or to apply, go here.


Call for Article Entry

by Megan Herring on August 22, 2017

Straight from our August 2017 Newsletter:

Continuing Thread
Deadline: January 15, 2018

Do you, Leonardo da Vinci, Emily Dickinson, Goethe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Charles Dickens, and Maya Angelou have anything in common? If you are an accomplished tapestry weaver who unceasingly strives to evolve your artistic expression through self-directed study experiences that are driven either by the burning need to know or by identification of a potential to learn in novel situations, you are an autodidact just as these greats were. Since learning to weave tapestry, what continuing self-education opportunities—tapestry or non-tapestry workshops, articles, books, internet-based or perhaps neoteric experiences—have you pursued and benefited from? Were discoveries and knowledge obtained in bits & pieces, feeding the slow burn of your inspiration, or was there a bolt from the blue resulting in a major epiphany which has had a profound effect on your work? Please email Theme Coordinator, Lyn Hart to let her know what you would like to contribute to this issue.

Call for Theme Coordinators
Do you have an idea for a theme? Would you like to be a Theme Coordinator? Feel free to send us a message!

2018 Digislam Call for Entry

by Megan Herring on August 22, 2017

During Convergence in 2018, the ATA Speakers Session will involve the much anticipated Digislam. Anyone is eligible and all are encouraged to submit up to three images of their tapestries to be included in next year’s Digislam. Space may be limited; if more people enter than are able to participate, priority will be given to ATA members.

Enter here

ATA Award for Excellence Recipients

by Megan Herring on August 22, 2017

A hearty congratulations to the ATA Award for Excellence recipients! View and read about their work below or on their personal artist pages:

Marie Clews

8.25″ x 3.5,” 2016,
cotton seine twine warp, set at 12 epi, wool (commercial and hand dyed) and cotton weft, eccentric weaving and pick & pick techniques
Read more about Marie and her work here


Cindy Dworzak

40″ x 37,” 2017,
cotton warp and hand dyed wool weft
Read more about Cindy and her work here

Denise Stevens

“River Reflections”,
11.3 x 6.3,” 2017,
warp: cotton seine twine sett at 9 epi, weft: fine wools and mercerised cottons
Read more about Denise and her work here

And another congratulations to you all!

ATA Award for Excellence

by Megan Herring on July 17, 2017

A warm congratulations to Leslie Taylor who received the ATA’s Award for Excellence for “My Journey”.
To read more about Leslie and her work, go here

Leslie Taylor, “My Journey”, 16 x 12″

New and Updated Artist Pages

by Megan Herring on July 17, 2017

Updated Artist Page:
Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther

Vladimira Fillion-Wackenreuther, “The Fairytale of Prague” (2015), 35″ x 23.5″

New Artist Page:
Shirley Anne

Shirley Anne, “Maasai Maiden” (2005), 6″ x 17″

If you’re interested in updating your own artist page, go here