Tapestry Education
Blake_Earth Cores 10x8x2
Sally Blake, Australia
(Earth: Cores)
3D tapestry in wooden frame 10 x 8 x 2 ins

Educational Articles about tapestry weaving

Educational Articles are hosted on ATA’s website. Covering a variety of topics, they feature the work and writing of a variety of artists around the world. See the current Educational Article.

Tapestry Instruction: Mentoring Program

ATA’s Mentoring Program is an opportunity for tapestry weavers to share their knowledge. Mentors and mentees are matched on the basis of the area of study that the mentee wishes to pursue. The Mentoring Program is meant for both beginning and more experienced weavers. Information. The mentee must be an ATA Circle member. Membership information.

Convergence and Members Retreat

In even numbered years ATA sponsors a forum at HGA’s Convergence. The forum typically includes two speakers and an open digislam of tapestry artists’ work. The forum is open to all. ATA’s Member’s Retreat follows Convergence and includes workshops with talented, experienced tapestry weavers with extensive teaching experience.  The retreat is usually held on a college campus with room and board options. In addition, ATA sponsors a networking event at Convergence, open to all. Convergence information.

ATA Tapestry Weaving Workshops

ATA sponsors workshops in most odd numbered years. The workshops feature talented tapestry weavers with teaching experience. Workshop information.

Anton Veenstra, Australia
(Earth: 3 steps 2 heaven)
14 x 12cms

Tapestry Weaving Technique Videos

A  selection of online videos which demonstrate tapestry equipment and weaving techniques. View the List.

Tapestry Weaving Instructors

Browse a list of ATA tapestry instructors.

Books on Tapestry Weaving

Access a bibliography of books related to tapestry weaving.

Other Education Programs

ATA collaborates with other organizations to offer educational programming, for example, Speakers Sessions at the Textile Society of America’s Symposium and artist lectures held in conjunction with ATA’s show venues.