Convergence and Members’ Retreat

Stay Tuned!

We will be posting updates for plans in 2022 shortly as we welcome Fiona Hutchison and Jennifer Sargent as our Members’ Retreat workshop teachers!

Thinking and Weaving: Tapestry 3 Ways
Fiona Hutchison

Fiona Hutchison, “Broken Tide”

In this workshop students will learn strategies to ensure that their designs, and the concepts underlying their designs, come together successfully with the materials and weaving techniques to create a visually rich and dynamic tapestry.

On day 1, we will explore approaches to developing ideas and images and finding your creative voice. We will learn from past and present tapestry artists, analyzing how they exploit techniques and materials to enhance their designs. As individual artists we all see and interpret things differently.  A line, a mark, a color or shape – how do we see it? Should we weave it? If so, how? What techniques and materials would best express these ideas? Studying how others have successfully answered these questions will help us explore ways to successfully translate our own designs into woven tapestry. Whether the final outcome is traditionally woven, or following a more experimental approach, a successful outcome depends on the translation from idea to tapestry.

Over the next 3 days we will turn to our looms to explore both traditional and alternative materials and weaving techniques, and how they can offer solutions to translating a range of ideas and designs (your own or others). Drawing on my 34 years of experimenting with weaving (water), we will investigate the qualities of the woven surface. From marks that are woven into or on the surface, to the manipulation of warps and weft, options will be explored that will capture the essence of your ideas and designs. With a range of techniques and materials at your fingertips, can you weave the same design in 3 different ways…?

The workshop is aimed at weavers with some experience of designing and weaving tapestry.

Fiona Hutchison:  Born in Edinburgh, Fiona Hutchison studied tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art, before pursuing a career as an artist/maker and teacher. Travelling the world with her works, attending symposiums and residences in Russia, Lithuania and Norway, she is an ambassador for Scottish tapestry. A founding member of European Tapestry Forum and Scottish Tapestry Artist Regrouped, Fiona has exhibited throughout the UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and Europe, winning awards to develop and exhibit her work from Creative Scotland, Hope Scot trust, Theo Moorman and the Dawia and Sasakawia Foundations.

Single Tapestry: Double Warp
Jennifer Sargent

Jennifer Sargent, “Gardening Life II”

By altering the density of the warp within a tapestry, numerous compositional possibilities become available. These include smooth areas with fine detail and, conversely, coarser areas that stand out from the ground, the combination of the two create a subtle play of shadows across the tapestry’s surface; open warps provide another series of textures which can allow light to pass over or through areas within the tapestry to produce other spatial effects.

In this workshop, we will consider the artistic choices presented by working with differing setts and open areas of warp and how this particular materiality can be employed in the service of over-all design and the ideas behind the imagery.

Jennifer Sargent:  Currently based in Memphis, Tennessee, Jennifer has a BA in woven textiles from Middlesex University, London, England and an MFA in Fibers from Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Jennifer discovered tapestry at the Scheuer Tapestry Studio in New York working there for two years. She taught fibers at the University of North Texas for four years and at Memphis College of Art for 12 years, where she was also Director of Exhibitions.

Her art making concentrates on textiles and drawings, with pieces held in both private and public collections including the Tennessee State Museum, the City Collection of Memphis, Arnault & Associates Inc., Christian Brothers University and the Wichita Center for the Arts. Among numerous other awards, Jennifer has received an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission, and was named a 2016 inductee into the Costume and Textile Institute, Nashville, TN.