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Enjoy reading and viewing all the postcards that were submitted as a part of this project.

Wendy Gilmore to Jennifer Sargent
Dear Jennifer
In all my travels here and (t)here one thing is a common comfort – cha, chai, te, tea – it’s all in a cuppa! Enjoy! Your friend in weaving. Wendy
Jennifer Sargent to Wendy Gilmore
From here to there. From Memphis to San Francisco. Best, Jennifer
Sara Figal to Cindy Gimbert
Cindy – (t)here we are -I trust this has reached you. From here to t(here) with best regards!
Cindy Gimbert to Sara Figal
Hi Sara, Snow is one of the joys of wintertime in the Boston area.
This year, though, the storms dumped their snow inland leaving us with less snow than usual. I delighted in each day snow fell. Hoping for a snowy 2020! Cindy Gimbert Lexington, MA
Pat Dunston to Christine Rivers (1)
THERE: Memories of Vancouver Harbor
Pat Dunston to Christine Rivers (2)
Billy Frank Jr., Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, Olympia WA
Christine Rivers to Pat Dunston (1)
“The Spirit of Weaving”
Christine Rivers to Pat Dunston (2)
“Ferns are Here and There”
Nan Salomon to Liz Vezeau
Greetings from Woodstock! Here is my very first tapestry. This was certainly a challenge!
Liz Vezeau to Nan Salomon
August 19, 2019. Hello Nan, When I first heard of this postcard exchange, I had had a severe foot injury and surgery, so my “Here” felt like I was imprisoned behind a wall, while everything I love ~ the sunshine, the snowy woods, the waves rolling onto the shore ~ was out “There”. I am happy to report now the wall has fallen down and I’m back out walking the beach and the woodland trails.
Best wishes, Liz Vezeau
Debra Thomas to Amanda Sheley
Here: Downeast Maine
There: Northeast Nevada
Amanda Sheley to Debra Thomas
I am always on the move, experiencing new places, finding new habits, and enjoying every moment, whether it’s here, there, or somewhere I didn’t know existed. These boots have taken me to mountain peaks, salty shores, and everywhere in between.
Jo Librizzi to Christina Ohlsen
Hi Christina! I have lived in only 2 places as an adult, Florida and Arizona. I exchanged space launches and the beach for saguaro and mountains. Both Here and There are wonderful places! Your new friend Jo
Christina Ohlsen to Jo Librizzi
Hi Jo,Here it comes – my second attempt. My “study” from a few pages of Mette Lise Rossing’s wonderful book. Denmark – Colorado Here – (T)here. Best regards, Christina
Matty Smith to Anna Zinsmeister
30th April 2019
Hi Anna, From here to (t)here
Here is a postcard from the UK. It shows a bluebell wood in full bloom under the budding branches of the beach trees in the Chiltern Hills, where I live.
The magic of this blue carpet last for such a short time but I hope this small tapestry captures a little of the spell.
Very best wishes Matty
Anna Zinsmeister to Matty Smith
Dear Matty, Here is your postcard! It’s based on a photo I took near the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center in Burbank, where I teach. The brown triangle is the roof of the center. There’s a tall palm tree nearby. Warner Bros. is in Burbank, so you get a Bugs Bunny stamp. Best wishes! Anna
Janet Haase to Kantu Malhotra
Hi Kantu
Here is my landscape tapestry. It is an experiment ………. soumak
Kantu Malhorta to Janet Haase
Hi Janet, My postcard represents There, while you and I are Here. It is a partial representation of an antique door, that was in the memorial of an ancient monarch, in Rajasthan, India. I had taken the picture in 2006. It was painted and in pretty bad shape. But it closed and was pretty. Please forgive my penmanship. My hand trembles and I cannot write too well. Kantu 9/25/19
Joann Wilson to Alice Lerley
Many Sandhill Cranes come here to Florida for the winter. Come warmer weather, most go back to the northern regions. A few stay in our area to raise their chicks. Always a delight to see them.
Alice Lerley to Joann Wilson
I hope you enjoy “Fall Colors, Here and There”! The yarns are some hand dyed hand spun Churro yarn (not by me!) and a bunch of others from, of course, here and there. Fall tones just really wanted to come out & play, so we did.
Janice Drew to Amy Belgan
Greetings, Amy, from Here to (T)here. My first thought was that this project would be about
geography. But, for me, HERE AND (T)HERE became about time… how we were told to spend it, there, in the past, and how we choose to spend it, here, in the present. I’m spending some of it learning to weave tapestry. This tapestry is called “LIFE LINES.” Appropriately, then, it has been both a struggle and a joy. May your struggles be few, and your joys, many. Janice
Amy Belgan to Janice Drew
Hello, Janice! Hope this finds you well! We are both on similar paths, in our styles + weaving, and have gone similar distances. May your path take you far in all you do. I based the idea of paths on our similar interests as well as my love for the Gee’s Bend quilters. Enjoy! Amy
Victoria Stone to Janet Dorow
Dear Janet, Happy Autumn! I am sending you my little “Love Bug” tapestry. This is how I go “Here and There” and it always puts a smile on my face! I tried weaving this with the fringeless warp method which was a bit challenging. Maybe our paths will cross in the future… Happy Weaving!!! Victoria Stone. 9/24/19
Janet Dorow to Victoria Stone
Dear Victoria, At last this little ringneck duck is swimming to you! These ducks are no longer on the pond near my house but I expect a few back in the winter. Good article at Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Best to you, Janet Dorow
Louise Halsey to Emily Shinn
Here/(T)Here Ozarks/Whidbey Island Green Grass-golden fields-tress-rocks, blue green creek lavender grey beach dark cedars-waves blue gray-hint of aspens shared skies of aqua and cerulean blue.
Emily Shin to Louise Halsey
A view across the Salish Sea. High bluffs near Ebey’s Landing a National Historic Reserve on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State. Warmest Regards, Emily
Ruth Manning to Kristen Glasbrook
Happy Summer 2019 Kirsten – we are going t make it from “here to there”. Love Ruth
Kristen Glasbrook to Ruth Manning
Hi Ruth
Here still, there soon!
All the best for the beginning of a new season
Love, Kirsten
Marjorie McLaren to David Heustess
Summer Salmon Here: Seeking beds upstream (T)here: Mountain streams and lakes
David: Here is somewhere in Alaska. (T)here is over the mountains far far away. Hope you Enjoy!
David Heustess to Marjorie McLaren
I used a spiral heart design to interpret the theme for the exchange. In dance and yoga I’m taught to keep the heart open and I believe our journey in life is like a spiral. I love meditation walks like the labyrinths and thought traveling the path of the heart was appropriate – travel in to love the inner self and travel out to love others.
Marilyn Hoisington to Patti Kirch
Here: The Spanish Peaks, located in the south central part of Colorado. The Native Americans called them Huatolla or Breasts of the Earth. Legend has it that when warring tribes met on these mountains they would lay down their weapons and come together in peace.
Here: The Spanish Peaks
Patti Kirch to Marilyn Hoisington
Rattlesnake Mountain overlooks the Yakima and Columbia Rivers. The 3,531 foot treeless sub alpine high ridge mainly lies within the Hartford National Monument.
Janice Zindel to Julia Rapinoe
“From Here to There”, a taste of the WI Northwoods, … lakes, forests, currently autumn colors in all their glory. Thank you for your patience while I ventured into tapestry weaving. And thanks to the American Tapestry Alliance. Wishing you all the best! Janice
Julia Rapinoe to Janice Zindel
Hi Janice – “The mountain is out” is something we say in the Pacific Northwest when it is a clear day and Mt. Rainier can be seen in all it’s glory from Seattle to points south. I wanted to share some of
my “here” with you. – Julia. Tapestry by Julia Rapinoe 2019.
Janette Gross to Aine Dunne
From Monterrey Bay. To: Muir Eirreann
Aine Dunne to Janette Gross
Seaweed from Clogerhead! Handspun alpaca, seaweed dyed. Handwoven at the studio in Ballymakenny (Ireland). All the best, Aine
Debbie herd to Vickie Aspenburg
Hi Vicki, It is a beautiful Spring day here today but, I am “Dreaming of Limerick”. Can’t wait to visit next year! Best wishes, Debbie
Vickie Aspenburg to Debbie Herd
9/3/2019. Dear Debbie, From Here to (t)here. Greetings from my New York summer to your Stawell winter. “The Seasons March On”. It has been a pleasure and enlightening exchanging emails. Lets stay in touch. Wishing you a healthy Spring- Vicki
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