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Tommye Scanlin to Janet Quilty
Hi Janet! Greetings from Dahlonega, Georgia USA. This small town is the site of the first gold rush in the U.S. We are in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains–Beautiful here! I hope you are well and having wonderful tapestry weaving time. Most cordially, Tommye
Janet Quilty to Tommye Scanlin
Hi Tommye, here is the state flower of Victoria, the native heath. I had never seen it until we moved from the city to our bush block, where it grows in abundance. It is very “here,” which is why I’m sending it there to you. Regards, Janet
Myla Collier to Monica Murphy
“Sunrise over El Capitan, Yosemite National Park”
Monica Murphy to Myla Collier
Dear Myla,
My ‘here” is snow country. Each winter, road plowing leaves very deep snow banks, so that fire hydrants get completely buried.Each autumn, to make the hydrants easier to locate, “lollipops”, shaped like miniature stop signs, are attached to the hydrants’ water outlets. This year, the snow was so deep by February that even the lollipops disappeared, and had to be excavated. Our four foot high picket fence was completely buried, except for the points of a few pickets. Behind the lollipop, you can see the snow-laden lower branches of an evergreen tree. Monica
P.S. When I was weaving this winter tapestry in July, the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius = 86 degrees.
Jessica Ostrow to Chempo Bayaraa
The HU is a Mongolian Rock band from where
Chempo is from. They doing a tour in the USA (with 2 shows in Canada) in the fall of 2019, and will be in Dallas, TX on October 24th, which is near where Jessica lives.
Chempo Bayaraa to Jessica Ostrow
All the colored balloons are the places I want to set as my weaving destination.
One of them is your home town. October 4, 2019
Coby VanderGaast to Kennita Tully
Hi Kennita,
I seem to have approached this project the same way my life has been – very much in the here in order to get There. Coby
Kennita Tully to Coby Vandergaast
From my studio to yours!
Lindsey Kronmiller to Candace Hagen
Miles between us.
Land. Water. Space.
Here – hot, dry.
There – cool, wet.
Yet our differences
disappear when we look up –
the sky connects us.
Candace Hagen to Lindsey Kronmiller
Lindsey—Thanks for being my postcard buddy. From Whidbey Island to El Paso, have a wonder year. Keep weaving, Candy
Althea Jordan to Cynthia Martinez
Dear Cynthia,
This is the north side of Mt. Hood in summer. Your salt marshes arrived and are beautiful. I can hear the grasses in the marsh rustling.
Cynthia Martinez to Althea Jordan
Hi Althea, Greetings from the South Carolina low country. Our island has the ocean on one side and salt water marsh on the other. The grasses of the marsh change colors with the seasons. Best Wishes-Cynthia
Tori Kleinert to Rita Banci
Rita, I hope you enjoy this little treasure! We must keep in touch and keep encouraging each other! Meet you in NYC! God bless, Tori
Rita Banci to Tori Kleinert
Hi Tori! I’ve finally made it! I’ve finally made it! The postcard is ready to be mailed. It represents my heart divided between my old little house (there) and my new one (here). My “there” is a chest full of treasured memories (happy and sad, like all memories); my “here” is the expectancy of what life will bring. I love the idea of communicating via snail mail. I hope this postcard gets safely to you.
Love, RIta
Susan Weir to Sarah Swett
Dear Sarah, You live there and I live here but i sense similarities in our lives. i walk regularly in native bush areas close to Wellington and you go out on the trail in scenery that looks more open and colourful than our native bush. On one of my walks I was thrilled to find a morepork feather. The Morepork is a small brown owl found in NZ and Tasmania and this is the image I have chosen to send across the sea to you.
With all best wishes, Sue
Sarah Swett to Susan Weir
Dear Sue – No idea why it never before occurred to me that the only difference between HERE and THERE, is a T and which is all a matter of where we are at any one moment – HERE or THERE. Best to you, Sarah
Michelle Follett to Andrea Butler
Hello, Andrea, For our Here and There theme, I focused my design on what is between us: the shoreline. If you hold the tapestry up to a mirror (because I forgot to transpose the image) and with the little blue star at 12 o’clock (because I had to tilt the design to make fit the weaving dimensions), I am sure you will see how it exactly resembles a shoreline map of our continent between Here and There–as could be drawn by a dog. But, it is a shoreline. I am glad to have learned a little bit about
There from you. Be well, Michelle
Andrea Butler to Michelle Follett
Hi Michelle! As I was weaving this tapestry I was thinking about the difference water here and water there has. Here, in Saint John – a very industrial city, water is often used for financial gain. Oil tankers are often seen on the horizon. The spot I chose to represent is where the Wolastoq (St. John) River meets the ocean. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world and the river is affected by this daily. It is the most beautiful spot, minus the pulp mill, where whirlpools are created when the tide comes in and forces the river to recede. I often try to imagine this spot without the mill present. I wonder how different it would have been before industry moved in and took over such a lovely area. Hope to hear from you soon and to hear about water in your area.
Merna Strauch to Ila McCallum
Dear Ila, Our winter rains brought southern California a super bloom this year. Not only did we have an abundance of wild flowers but people & traffic too!
Cheers, Merna
Ila McCallum to Merna Strauch
Mary Lane to Jeanie Bates
“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”
Vincent Van Gogh
Jeanie Bates to Mary Lane
Summer Entertainment. Whoosh! We hear the burners and look up to see the balloons overhead. “How high are you?” we holler “400 ft.!” they call as they drift away over the trees.
Joan Archuleta to Tricia Goldberg
And there we were in the Netherlands! Loved the tulips, the daffodils, the Stroopwafels, the windmills, and most of all, the people.
But watch out for the bicycles!! Joan
Tricia Goldbert to Joan Archuleta
Phoebe McAfee to Janet Austin
Jan – These trees from here in Oregon are on our license plates. Purple Mountains, Blue Sky. From here to there, with love, Phoebe
Janet Austin to Phoebe McAfee
Trees, from here (RI) to there (OR). These live at Goddard State Park,7 miles from me. Jan
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