Hanging System for a Wide Tapestry by Celina Grigore

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[Editor’s note: Celina’s tapestry, “Mother Earth”, is ten feet wide creating a challenge for exhibiting and shipping.]

Materials needed:

  • cotton fabric band, wide enough to create a pocket for the wooden rod
  • wooden rod
  • 2″ mending plates
  • wood screws
  • screw eyes
  • nuts
  • sandpaper
  • needle
  • thread

Tools needed:

  • drill
  • saw


1. Sew the cotton band along the top and bottom of the tapestry from one edge to the other. Consider the thickness of the wooden rod and sew the band loosely enough so that the wooden rod will slide through without difficulty. Also leave enough space from the top of the tapestry so that, when hanging, the band will not show.

2. For transportation purposes cut the wooden rod into pieces equal or smaller than the height of the tapestry. (The wooden rods can then be rolled, along with the tapestry, into a tube or carton for shipping.) Polish the ends of the rod with sandpaper.

3. Drill several holes into the upper side of the wooden rods. Drill as many holes as needed to sustain the weight of the tapestry in a balanced manner.

4. Measure the same exact distances on the cotton band that was sewn onto the back of the tapestry and punch corresponding holes through the cotton band.

5. Connect the components of the wooden rod using the mending plates. Use the wood screws and the fitted nuts to attach them to the wood. For transporting the tapestry, unscrew one end of the mending plates and the rod will again be in its shorter components.

6. Slide the wooden rod through the cotton band. Mark the cotton band and the wooden rod with left, right up and down. This makes it easier for the people who install your work in a show. Position the rod so that its holes align with the holes punched into the cotton band.

7. Screw the “screw eyes” into the wooden rod through the cotton band, into the aligned holes.

8. Repeat the “mending plates” procedure for the bottom wooden rod. Slide the second wooden rod through the bottom cotton band to weight the tapestry so that it will hang straight.

Celina Grigore, "The Opera" 55" x 108"