Mounting a Tapestry on a Wood Frame by Sonni Wendt

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The following comments apply to the mounting of the tapestry “Coal Combustion,” exhibited in ATB-I. Initially I mounted the tapestry in the usual way, on a strip of wood with Velcro©, etc. I found that the wood strip, including the tapestry, was bending away from the wall, creating waves in the tapestry. I had visited Susan Maffei in her studio in New York and liked the way she had mounted her tapestries. So I came up with the following construction, for a tapestry that is 36″ high and 60″ wide.

I did not want the frame to show because I planned to wrap the tapestry around it. Therefore, I made the frame 4″ narrower, ending up with a frame 36″ high and 56″ wide. The frame is made of 1″ x 1 1/2″ pine and has a center support bar. It is screwed together and further stabilized by metal corner braces on the inside corners. I finished the wood with a clear polyurethane finish. After the frame was constructed, I stretched an acid free, washed cloth around it and stapled it to the inside of the frame, similar to making a canvas stretcher for a painting. The cloth was 42″ x 62″ in size, allowing 3″ on each side. I then took the finished tapestry, wrapped it around the sides and stitched it to the cloth on the back of the frame. Then I stitched the selvedges loosely to the top and bottom edge of the frame. The hooks for hanging can be attached to the top of the frame.

Sonni Wendt, "Coal Combustion" 35" x 64"