Tapestry Instructors

This roster lists ATA members who teach tapestry in a variety of contexts. Please contact them directly if you have questions about a program of study. If you are an ATA member and teacher, and would like to be included in this listing, please submit your information on our online form.

(1) = Workshop leader who travels
(2) = Instruction in the artist’s studio
(3) =Teaches at University or another facility

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Program Information: http://www.swtafe.vic.edu.au/courses/info/1100

Valerie Kirk valerie.kirk@anu.edu.au


Dorthea Van De Winkel (2) info@galerij-theaxus.com
Learn to make abstract tapestries with a focus on color and form in Galerij Theaxus, the studio of Dorthea Van De Winkel. Balance the intricacies of both small and large format weaving, using traditional wools to create modern compositions.
Read more on Dorthea’s website.


Elke Hulse (2,3) elkeoh@gmail.com
“It is difficult to classify my style because my background is varied, like a patchwork. I started in tapestry doing the exercises of the course proposed by the Uruguayan artist Ernesto Aroztegui. He created two “student notebooks” as he called them, which teach techniques important for the development of tapestry weaver. Later I participated in workshops with Jean Pierre Larochette, which provided opportunities to improve my performance using other tapestry techniques, finishing a work, preparing the threads for use in the weft and many other important elements involved in the execution of a tapestry.” Read more about Elke’s work on her ATA Artist Page.



Elaine Duncan (1,2) elaine@elaineduncan.com

Jane Kidd (1) janekidd@telus.net

Janna Maria Vallee (1,2) jannamariavallee@gmail.com,
“I would describe my style as minimalist and abstract. I create minimalist designs using traditional french tapestry techniques. I enjoy creative tension I as weave, which for me means not knowing what comes next. So, I usually begin with an image in mind and usually change it, sometimes drastically, as I weave.”
Download Janna’s resume or read more about her classes.


Line Dufour linedufour.tapestry@gmail.com
Download a pdf to read more about Line Dufour’s classes. Download Line Dufour’s resume. http://www.tapestryline.com

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Maximo Laura Taboada (1,2) maximolaura@maximolaura.com
Located in Lima, Peru, Maximo Laura Taboada is an internationally acclaimed tapestry weaver and instructor. His tapestries contain totemic ancestral images, characters from what he calls a “fantastic realism,” and symbolic landscapes in contemporary visual structure and cosmovision, all woven in his distinctive techniques. Students of Maximo search for their own lyrical, spiritual, and poetic languages while learning the tradition of contemporary Peruvian weaving.
Learn more on his website.

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Janet Clark (1,2) janet.clark2@gmail.com
Download a pdf to read more about Janet Clark’s classes. http://www.janetclark.co.uk

West Dean College, Tapestry and Textile Art programme


Fiona Hutchison (1,2) fionahutchison537@btiniternet.com
I work predominantly, but not exclusively in Gobelin tapestry, content is paramount in the development of my work. I aim to create a dialogue between the subject, the materials and the viewer. While traditional techniques and craftsmanship are important it is the idea, the vision and my hand that defines the work. The manipulation of the woven tapestry technique increasingly plays an important role in the development of my work. Experimenting with the structure of weave, leaving warp exposed, pulling and pushing warp and weft to manipulate the work, all help to enhance the idea and concept. Learn more on Fiona’s website.

Elizabeth Radcliffe (1,2) eradcliffe01@googlemail.com
“I create traditional weaving of life sized figures, animal eyes and 3D knots which allow me to explore texture, pattern and form. The figures allow me to look at clothing on the body and to try to capture its qualities.The animal eyes allow to study the pattern and texture found around the eyes of so many beautiful creatures. The knots allow me to experiment with form.” See Elizabeth’s course offerings on her website.

Emma Jo Webster (2) emmajo@webstertapestries.fsnet.co.uk
Download a pdf to read more about Emma Jo Webster’s classes. Download Emma Jo Webster’s resume. http://www.emmajowebster.com


Frances Crowe (1,2) francrowe@eircom.net
“I primarily weave narrative pieces, story telling based on the movement of people around the globe due to war, disease, famine, displacement refugees seeking a better life. I work on an upright frame in the Goblin style. Warping with cotton and generally using a selection of woolen yarns. Occassionally I like to experiment with found and recycled materials to make 2 and 3 dimensional works of art. I generally make for exhibition and commission. My passion is to pass on my skills and knowledge to the next generation and people of all ages and experience. Especially to new learners. My studio is set in the idillic landscape of rural county Roscommon, where I can offer overnight accommodation for 2 people.” Download a pdf to read more about Frances Crowe’s classes or visit her website.

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Martin Miller (3) storyteller@arcticstoryteller.com
I teach beginning to intermediate tapestry in a melange of styles, particularly Classical, a mix of European styles, and pictorial compositions. Learners will leave my basic one-day classes with a tapestry ready for mounting.  Individual instruction is tailored to the learner, as is the schedule. Read more about Martin on his website.


Lynda Brothers (1,2) brosart@west.net
“I teach beginning through advanced tapestry weaving classes in my studio. My tapestries range from representational designs to abstract. I enjoy using textural weaves, mohair yarns as well as mixtures of different yarns and blending of colors.”
Read more about Lynda’s teaching on her website. 

Myla Collier (3) mylacollier@gmail.com
Santiago Canyon Community College supports my Tapestry Weaving classes in the City of Orange, California. They are free of charge and cover a range of expertise. I have first timers as well as long time weavers. We are always trying new ideas and have a lot of fun, especially with contemporary-eccentric weft and surface embellishment. Find opportunities to work with Myla on her website.

Deborah Corsini (1,3) deborah@deborahcorsini.com
I teach an ongoing multilevel non-credit tapestry class at City College of San Francisco. Students learn basic to advanced techniques with an emphasis on color and design. I also specialize in wedge weave and teach 1 to 3 day workshops in wedge weave and eccentric weave. Download a pdf to read more about Deborah Corsini’s classes. Download Deborah Corsini’s resume. www.deborahcorsini.com

Alex Friedman (2) aqsfriedmanata@gmail.com
I offer private lessons and group instruction as well as lectures on tapestry, its history and a contemporary overview.   www.alexfriedmantapestry.com

Tricia Goldberg (1, 2) triciagold@sbcglobal.net
“I teach traditional tapestry techniques, designing for tapestry and special workshops in color blending and ways of using color in impressionistic tapestry design.” Visit Tricia’s website for more information.

Nancy Jackson (2) nancy@timshelstudio.com
Instruction in my studio includes a complete curriculum of Gobelin/Aubusson traditional weaving and cartooning, beginner to advanced.  Maximum of 4 students.  Discounted housing for travelers. http://www.timshelstudio.com

David Johnson (1,2) jdjohnson81499@msn.com
“I combine soumak and plain weave to build my tapestries organically and geometrically. Weaving for me is a linear process with a beginning, middle, and end. As I weave I feel like I am telling a story in yarn. Color is a key element in the content of my work with symbolic meaning. I find the dye studio to be a magical place where I create gradations of hue and value giving me the capacity to create the illusion of depth and space on my compositions. I enjoy working within the structure of a cartoon but allow myself the freedom to improvise as I weave along.” Read more on David’s website.

Yael Lurie & Jean Pierre Larochette  (1,3) jeanpierrelarochette@hotmail.com

Rebecca Smith (1,2) weaving@rebeccasmithtapestry.com I’m available to teach my signature style of combining tapestry weaving with beads and wire to make shaped and free-standing tapestries. I love to innovate, thinking of new ways to use standard tapestry techniques in non-standard ways. I like to share my spirit of innovation to get students moving in their own unique direction. http://www.rebeccasmithtapestry.com

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David Johnson (1) jdjohnson81499@msn.com
Download a pdf to read more about David Johnson’s classes. Download David Johnson’s resume. http://facebook.com/jdjohnson81499

Rebecca Mezoff (1,2) rebecca.mezoff@gmail.com
I teach beginning to advanced tapestry workshops as well as longer term mentoring in person or online.  My teaching emphasizes design and color use with continuing work on refining technique.  In design work, I encourage students to use what is meaningful in their own lives as the starting point for a piece before choosing which design principles or formulas to work with.  I also do mentoring work in synthetic dyeing. Download a pdf to read more about Rebecca Mezoff’s classes. Download Rebecca Mezoff’s resume. www.rebeccamezoff.com

Cheryl Riniker (1,3) criniker@yahoo.com
“I teach workshops on classical tapestry techniques for beginning and intermediate weavers at Green Valley Weavers and Knitters. I can also travel and provide individual instruction.”

Kathy Spoering (1) kspoering@bresnan.net
I teach beginning to advanced tapestry workshops, with an emphasis on translating design elements into tapestry techniques.  Designing and using cartoons to weave from a personal viewpoint are also addressed. http://kspoeringtapestries.blogspot.com


Pamela Palma (1,2,3) pamela@pamelapalmadesigns.com
Download a pdf to read more about Pamela Palma’s classes. Download Pamela Palma’s resume. http://pamelapalmadesigns.com

Terri Stewart (1) tksweaver@verizon.net; http://www.stewarttapestries.com/tapestry-weaving-classes.htm
I teach beginning to advanced tapestry, including design.  1-3 day workshops available.  Contact me for scheduling. Download a pdf to read more about Terri Stewart’s classes. Download Terri Stewart’s resume. http://stewarttapestries.com


Tommye Scanlin (1,2,3) bittersweet.tapestry.studio@gmail.com
Tapestry instruction at my studio, including option for one or two individuals in retreat setting for tapestry intensive of several days, all levels. Download a pdf to read more about Tommye Scanlin’s classes. Download Tommye Scanlin’s resume. http://tapestry13blogspot.com


Sarah Swett (1,2) mildredestelle@gmail.com


Kennita Tully (1,2) kennitatully@gmail.com
I teach online and in-person courses on a variety of tapestry techniques. With a focus on art and design, I have an online course that explores the elements of art and also an online Soumak course. Classes offered include Elements: Art Through Tapestry and The Many Faces of Soumak. Elements: Art Through Tapestry explores seven elements of art in depth (shape, line, value, color, texture, space, and form) with a focus on strengthening one’s practice of art through tapestry. The Many Faces of Soumak is a comprehensive online course covering Soumak techniques. Learn more about Kennita by visiting her site.


Beverly Walker (1,2) bkwalker74@att.net
“Contemporary with a touch of traditional, my tapestries incorporate varied fibers and extra texture, stitchery, and embellishments. The “Summer Day” tapestry was juried into an international show in 2018. I experience much joy in introducing others to the many adventures providing by tapestry hand weaving through workshops for beginner and intermediate level weavers.”
Read more on Beverly’s website.


Lena Kolb (2) NewOrleansWeavingStudio@gmail.com
From her studio in New Orleans, Lena teaches beginning tapestry weaving with an emphasis on foundational skills and techniques to groups of 6–12 students and to individual learners. Learn more on her website.


Barbara Burns (1,2) bburns174@gmail.com
I teach beginner to advanced tapestry and design in my large, sunny studio. I encourage exploration while providing a solid foundation in theory and technique.  My instruction is tailored to the individual needs of each student in private and group lessons.  I also teach classes and workshops at Halcyon Yarn and am willing to travel to teach. Information about the Halcyon classes are available on their websiteDownload a pdf to read more about Barbara Burn’s classes. Download Barbara Burn’s resume.  www.burns-studio.com

Donald Burns (2) dnstndnldbrns@gmail.com

Maria Kovacs (3) mefiber@yahoo.com
I teach tapestry weaving at Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine.  Instruction is usually 2 day mini courses called Tapestry 101. Information available on the Halcyon Yarn website: http://www.halcyonyarn.com/

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Christine Nicholls (1,2)cnicholls@mica.edu
Students of Christine are taught her distinctive style which melds colorful, free-form geometry with innovative technique. Read more on her website.

Christine Spangler
 (1) spanglertextile@verizon.net
My specialty is Norwegian tapestry technique.  Norwegian tapestry employs the dovetail technique rather than using slits for vertical junctions.  Classes are given at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa. http://vesterheim.org/learning/classes_textiles.php


Tamar Shadur (1,2) tamarshadur@hotmail.com
Trained on a large low-warp loom (Aubusson method), I weave from the back using wooden bobbins. My current work involves a series of small tapestries depicting historical and present day progressive aspects of the town I live in. These are woven on pipe looms. I offer 2-day tapestry weaving workshops in small groups, for beginners and for those with some experience. All materials are supplied by me, including the use of portable metal upright looms, Archie style. Participants are welcome to bring their own looms and materials. Contact Tamar directly via phone: 413-992-7994 or online.

Julia Mitchell (1,2) jmtapestry@mac.com
Download a pdf to read more about Julia Mitchell’s classes. Download Julia Mitchell’s resume.


Traudi Bestler (1,3) bestler@aol.com
“I teach beginning and intermediate level tapestry and other weaving classes, part of which is devoted to design:  creating a pleasing composition, making it weave-able and choosing colors.   I also teach yarn dyeing and dyeing for special effects in tapestry.” Visit the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, the North House Folk School, or download a pdf to read more about Traudi Bestler’s classes.


Deann Rubin  (2) deannrubin@yahoo.com
I teach beginning tapestry with a strong emphasis in design and color.

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Elizabeth Buckley (1,2) elizabeth@elizabethbuckleytapestryartist.com
Deeply steeped in the art form of hand-woven French tapestry, Elizabeth Buckley engages with the metaphor of weaving the world into being. Image merges with woven structure. Integrity of cloth syncopates with the rhythm and flow of color, shape, form, and texture. Elizabeth Buckley’s tapestries take the viewer into a realm beyond words through her use of multiple layers and dimensions to create visual poems of blended colors and light. Thematic in her work is the undercurrent of time in terms of millennia; time of the forces which molded earth’s canyons and mesas, oceans and mountains; time filled with the spirits of those who have come before. Download a pdf to read more about Elizabeth Buckley’s classes, or visit her website.

Molly Elkind (1,3) mpelkind@comcast.net
“My style is based in traditional French technique but open to using mixed media and mixed fiber techniques when the image requires it. My goal in teaching is to empower students to design their own work with confidence and to find their own voice in their chosen fiber medium. My classes offer a mix of lecture, slide show, hands-on practice and discussion. Students have praised my organization, energy, and use of examples, handouts and demos.” Read more about Molly and her courses on her website.

Cornelia Theimer Gardella (1,3)  contact@corneliatheimer.com
I am a tapestry weaver creating contemporary abstract work using hand-dyed wool and silk.  I offer workshops in synthetic dyeing and tapestry techniques for beginning to advanced students with a strong emphasis on color and design theory.  www.corneliatheimer.com

Robin Reider (1,2) robinreider@hotmail.com
Tapestry teacher of Pictorial Tapestry/Color Grading workshop, Tapestry from every Angle workshop, Autumn Vegetal Dye Extravaganza. Teaching from her studio, private and small groups, travel to guilds welcome. www.weavingsbyrobin.com

Irvin & Lisa Trujillo (1,3) centinela@newmexico.com
We teach Chimayo weaving.  It is the 20th century development with the 400 year-old Rio Grande weaving tradition of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.  We encourage students to weave with limited planning involved, focusing on work growing on the loom.  This is a tapestry technique well suited to spontaneity and requires a comfort with logical and mathematical thinking. http://www.chimayoweavers.com/

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Archie Brennan (1,2) brennan-maffei@earthlink.net; http://www.brennan-maffei.com

Susan Martin Maffei (1,2) brennan-maffei@earthlink.net
smmaffei@earthlink.net; www.susanmartinmaffei.com

Donna Foley (1,2) fourdirections@verizon.net
I specialize in using handspun yarns dyed with natural dye extracts and my tapestries reflect an American Southwest geometric style but with an Adirondack Mountains viewpoint. www.fourdirectionsweaving.com


Victoria Sowers
Victoria conducts week-long tapestry weaving residencies in schools and communities throughout the Southeast.  Using a 200 year-old colonial floor loom, she focuses on introductory techniques and concepts from a historical perspective. www.sandycreekweavers.com


Beverly Walker (1,2) bwalker@windstream.net
Beverly has been weaving tapestries for over 14 years and has won several awards in juried competitions. She is a fiber artist who instructs all ages of students in the various technical aspects of using fibers to create fine art.


Damascus Fiber Arts School tapis.terry@gmail.com
The Damascus Fiber Arts School offers instruction in tapestry and Navajo weaving, Ravenstail Twining, knitting, spinning and other occasional classes.  Audrey Moore and Terry Olson teach tapestry and Navajo weaving. www.damascusfiberartsschool.com

Kiki Dembrow kdembrow@gmail.com
Join Kiki Dembrow for small-sized classes that explore ideas, images, and weaving techniques for intermediate weavers, such as her “Raised Edge Pick and Pick.” This four-day workshop focuses on how to use pick and pick to weave single and double raised edges to create raised outlines where design elements meet. Class discussion includes color choice, design options, and tips for planning a cartoon. Students will weave a sample that can serve as a guide for the techniques.

Sharon Marcus (1) SMMarcus@compuserve.com
My specialty in teaching is to assist students attain their creative potential in tapestry (and other media) through the integration of concept development, design and critique.  My approach is to encourage students to work from their own strengths and life experience, rather than from general “formulas”.

Audrey Moore (2) mooreatmarmot@peoplepc.com
Teaches at Damascus Fiber Arts School

Terry Olson (2) tapis.terry@gmail.com
Teaches at Damascus Fiber Arts School. Download a pdf to read more about Terry Olson’s classes. Download Terry Olson’s resume. http://www.damascusfiberartsschool.com/

Pam Patrie (1,2) pampatriestudios@yahoo.com; My Classes travel to you or you can attend my retreat sessions in my Coastal cabin on the Northern Oregon coast. pampatriestudios.com

Shelley Socolofsky (1,2) skyastudio@centurytel.net; http://www.shelleysocolofsky.com

Kathe Todd-Hooker (1,2) kathetoddhooker@comcast.net
I teach all levels from beginning to intermediate with an emphasis on creating instruction that is tailored to the individual needs of each student. I teach small format and large format tapestry weaving, tapestry skills, journaling for  personal imagery, designing cartoons, avoiding problem and fixing problems in tapestry and colour theory. The technical skills that I teach are based on many different tapestry traditions. spider472@comcast.net; finefiberpress.com


Andrea Thiesson (2) With a degree in Fiber Art and Textiles from Tyler School of Art, I have been teaching basics to advanced tapestry for over 35 years. My style varies, but I love teaching creative, painterly approaches for individual sensibilities…your work will be YOURS. I specialize in traditional rug weights, SW/Nordic style, yet have taught miniatures on the Hokett looms. I love it all. Now offering private lessons at my home studio/farmhouse, and possible future workshops. andreamillertheisson.blogspot.com/ (more tapestry on the blog); www.paintweaver.com

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Janet Austin (2) nitsuanaj@verizon.net;


Connie Lippert (1,2) connie@connielippert.com
Download a pdf to read more about Connie Lippert’s wedge weave classes or visit her website. 


Linda Weghorst (1,2) lgweghorst@comcast.net
I have 25 years of teaching experience in the textile arts.  I primarily teach tapestry weaving and design.  I teach at Conferences, Craft Schools, in my studio and for Weaving Guilds.  I am willing to travel.


Joan Griffin (2) joangriffin@gmail.com
Joan Griffin teaches beginner and intermediate weekend tapestry workshops several times a year in her Charlottesville, VA studio. Download a pdf to read more about Joan Griffin’s classes. Download Joan Griffin’s resume or visit her online.

Susan Iverson (1) siverson@vcu.edu
Susan Iverson is occasionally available to teach workshops on the pulled warp technique. Read more about Susan and her work on her website.

Tea Okropiridze (1,2,3) teopila@yahoo.com
“My tapestries are double sided weft faced weaving. Mostly, my work represents abstract, but sometimes representational composition woven without slits.”
Visit Tea’s website for more information.


Ellen Ramsey (2) ramsey.ellen@gmail.com
“I weave and teach both representational and abstract imagery using traditional, European methods.” Read more on Ellen’s website.


Ruth Manning (1,2) rcmanning1@gmail.com
Download a pdf to read more about Ruth Manning’s classes. Download Ruth Manning’s resume. http://www.ruthmanningtapestry.com


Doris Florig (1,2) 2dmagic@gmail.com
Teaching tapestry weaving in the Tetons. Lessons are available in your studio, on line or at workshops offered through out the country. Doris specializes in weaving on a nomadic style looms and working with natural dyes. Looms and materials are available from Doris for use in class or to purchase. www.2dfiberarts.com

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